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How do you make a project charter and are there any ground rules?

I have to prepare a project charter for my new upcoming project. I just need to know, is there a standard template or it is project specific?

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While I'm not always a huge fan of Wikipedia, the have a good page for this topic that should answer most of your questions:


The "standard template" question depends entirely on the environment you are in. If you work in a (generally large) organization with regimented processes, or are taking a university course, there probably is a prescribed format (or at least a minimum set of elements which will be acceptable). If, on the other hand, you are in a more independent setting, you will have more latitude on format and which elements to address.

This is a vague answer to some degree, but necessarily so. If you can provide more details about your situation, you'll get more helpful and tailored responses.


There is 2 types of project Charter
1- short PC 2- long PC

And you can find all the project documents on www.projectmanagementdoc.com


A Project Charter does the following and has the following inputs:

• Formally authorizes the existence of a project.
• Provides the project manager with the authority to add organizational resources to project activities.
• Defines the start of a project and defines its boundaries.
• Creates a formal record of the project.
• Provides a direct way for senior management to formally accept and commit to the project.

1. Project Statement of Work (SOW)
2. Business case
3. Agreements
4. Enterprise environmental factors
5. Organizational process assets

PMI (Project Management Institute) is a good place to begin learning more about project management and its process and required documents. For more information on a sample template for a Strategic Project Charter visit this website

We lead a great deal of projects, feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss more.


The inception of every new project is a Project Charter. Project charter announces that there is a new project on the block in your organization. The Charter appoints a project manager for the project and assigns it the authority to proceed.

What should a good project charter contain?

1.Project Information
2.Business need,problem or opportunity
3.Project objectives and benefits
4.project organization
5.High level project scope
6.High level project timescale
7.High level project budget
8.Key assumption
9.Key project risks
10. Success criteria

You can download one such free Project charter template for free for your project here-


The above site is also referred in Wikipedia external links.

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