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How does technology help improve workplace communication?

I want to know what the resemblance is between technology and improving workplace communication.

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How to Improve Workplace Communication:

Workplace communication is essential for every team or company. It helps in building a good camaraderie. Though workplace communication is also hard to develop since different employees have different characteristics and way of thinking.

Well, if you are encountering problems with workplace communication the following tips may help you.

1. Traditional Communication Tool.

Provide a suggestion box in your office so your team can freely state their opinion without hurting the feelings of their co-workers.

2. Use Technology in Communicating.

Technology is one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate in our world today. In line with this, you can start or create a group conversation with your team. From there you can talk about your work relationship and how can you improve your working environment.

3. Purchase Digital Signages.

Digital display board or signage is one of the best ways to communicate with your team. With its creative designs and digital features, it can really catch the attention of anyone. Using Digital Signage can help not just in workplace communication but also with your workplace safety.

4. Team Building.

Create or plan an event in where you can perform activities that could develop your teamwork and can enjoy on the other hand. Your team needs to relax in some ways too.

I hope these tips can help you.

You can learn more here: https://indigoworkplace.com/

Thank you for answering my question :) Will be really helpful!


Hi Delbert,

It all depends on which industry you belong too. Since I being part of IT / Software industry, let me answer this question in that perspective.

Technology, yes it is a very crucial part in today's world and to improve workplace communication. Here are some bullets which should help you understand why technology is getting so much important.

1) Brings colleagues together and on the same page when collaborating communications with technology. This is one of the important reasons why people have started hiring remote teams since communication has become very easy using various tools.
2) A project is executed in a more organized way and workflow communication is streamlined and everyone is aware of it.
3) Communication and environment directly affect work productivity. So technology helps in organizing workspaces.
4) Injects fun and light environment when you use any tool for communication.
5) Communication is instant even if a person is sitting in any part of the world and you don’t have to wait for a person to see you face-to-face.
6) Makes people more efficient by effectively automating some of the tedious tasks of reminders, follow-ups, etc.

Hope this helps.

Hi Vikrant! That makes sense. Thanks for answering my question.

Hi Delbert, much appreciated. Thnx.


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