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Anonymous User

How do I market my website?

What is the best plan or method to market my website on forex gold signals: http://www.gold-pattern.com/eng/
Competition is difficult.

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Anonymous User


You have not mentioned your name, which might be useful if you are asking for help!

We have been designing and optimising websites since 2006 including projects with some large brands. We would like to think we offer clear advice but I need to pre-warn you that I am usually brutally honest, so if you are sensitive you may want to stop reading now :-)

Domain Age
As you may find my answer to many who have asked the same question, domain age is incredibly important. Your domain claims to have been registered in 2012 but date of registration does not matter, it is the date of an active website that makes a difference. You can see more on this http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/website-back-to-basics/

Search Engine Optimisation is not just a fad but a fact of life now. SEO needs to be built in your domain name, web structure, web design, etc. Here are more articles on this for you:

Meta Tags
You have repepating Meta tags. Meta tags must be unique and relevant to the content of the page and ideally include your target keyword of the page (not wishful thinking but keywords that are actually in the page content).

Web Design
Sorry but your website looks straight from the 1990s! The overall design and look is 20 years behind the curve.

Yes you have used Joomla for your engine but the template is not “Responsive” so it does not adapt to mobiles and tablets. This is a "must" now and you will be penalised by Google.

This also impacts usability as it is pretty annoying when you have to pinch and zoom to read anything. 50% of traffic to average website now comes from mobile devices of some sort (smartphones or tablets).

You are using Google Analytics so check out the devices used and then check your Bounce Rate and Time on site. Once you change to Responsive Design you will see a marked difference in this which means higher engagement hence more likely to turn into a customer.

Value Proposition
There is nothing that tells me why I should use you, what is the benefit, what sets you apart. Just a load of links and graphs without really clear marketing message. So I land on your page and think “What is this all about?” “What do these guys do?” “Why should I use them?”. You have 15 seconds to answer this (this is average time on page), but no, nothing. No messages there. I am just on a page but do not know the purpose of the page (BTW, I invest in gold and have Forex accounts with at least 3 Forex companies, so I sort of think I know what you do, but still not sure what value you add!)

If you have to explain what you do and what your website is about, then your website has missed the mark. Websites are jokes, if you have to explain them, then they are not very good.

How do you generate business?
Where else are you advertising and promoting your website and services?
Do you have a marketing plan?
Do you have any measurement to see if they are effective?

You cannot just rely on your website (no matter how good) as you need a proper marketing mix and marketing plan with multi-channel approach such as Social Media, Other Media Advertising in your target segment, etc.

Sorry, I did tell you this was going to be a brutal review but it is honest. If you need further help, contact our company and I will be happy to provide you with quotation on our services but you have plenty of information from our free articles that should help you make some progress. We have more free guides and help in marketing and web presence on our website, so please visit and make use of them.

Wish you all the best.


Follow following ways to do marketing of your website?
2.Social media marketing
3.Search engine marketing
4.Email marketing


HI Gold Pattern,

Best way to market your website is to do the "SEO"
Improve your Google Ranking
And do the subscriptions on the business portals as per your area.


Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing are the best methods to market your business website.

Anonymous User

Your website design is dated.

Your SEO is very poor.

Social media - open the pages in a new window, yours do not, Facebook is pretty poor and Twitter non existent.
Nothing on LinkedIn.

Consider using Facebook ads, start blogging and promote the blogs, optimise the blogs.

So much can be done!




SEO is the term that you really have to look for, The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When you will be doing the SEO of your Website - Your Rankings of the Articles gets a positive leap on the Google Search Engine and from there you will get the ORGANIC TRAFFIC. --- First Way

The Second Way through which you can increase the traffic on your blog is to Make your post viral on Social Networks, for that, you have to actively promote your content on SOcial Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and etc...

Apart from that what you can do is to build your own community on social networks on your particular niche and from there you will get maximum utilization of the Audience and Shares on your post.

My website Ben 10 Fighting Games is 2 months old and I am getting organic traffic on my website. You can check on that.

Anonymous User

Hi there! I am building an ecommerce website for me with the help of those templates from http://templatemonster.com/blog/save-99-shopify-themes-subscription and I would like to get some tips on how to market a Shopify online store. Thank you for your replies here ;)

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