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How important are backlinks for website traffic?

Should I be concerned that compared to my competitors they have a lot more backlinks than my website shows? It seems impossible to ever catch up because my competitors have been around for so much longer. How important are backlinks to the success of a website?

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They are quite important and still count as a major ranking signal. Links from unique domains matter more than links from previously linking sites. Links from trusted sites, pass more value also links from "Inside" unique content pass more value than those from footers/navigation...

I totally agreed with @Abdo that backlinks for website traffic are quite important.


It's still a factor, but it's always a little nebulous on how much of a factor. Here's a couple helpful blogs that might help just with some best practices stuff in regards to backlinking:



Hope that helps.


Very important as they raise your relevance on search engines such as Bing and Google. Besides, it is proven to be useful for user navigation purposes.

Anonymous User

That aspect of Google's criteria remains as strong has always, there of course new ramifications regarding quality control, about these there is quite a lot of information available online, but there is a lot more to it than what is published officially, on that level you will find advised best practices in terms of QA, but to be honest the best stuff is what no one is talking about, and by this I do not mean the dreaded "Black Hat" stuff that is all very well known in terms of methods and risk/benefit factors. Before you ask, the reason no one talks about the best stuff is simply because we don't want it patched by Google(it would take them minutes to do so, and would push everyone to spend more on Adwords) as it gives us a distinct edge over our competitors with considerably lower costs.


Backlinks are indeed very important to build a strong infrastructure base for a website. And since you have competitors for a long tie, then its obvious that they have more backlinks count than you, but make it sure that you dont build vigorous backlinks as that might get your website penalised. And always make sure to build backlinks on high authority sites, and focus a lot on social signals too, as they are bulletproof to any kind of penalisations.


They are important, but don't be discouraged. As Neil Patel said in the article linked to by Sherry, "Slow and steady wins the race!" A consistent and thoughtful blogger/social outreach program will naturally increase your backlinks and your rankings should improve.


A very common question, which is why i wrote this post: Backlinks = Rankings, Rankings = Traffic – Deal With It http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2347618/backlinks-rankings-rankings-traffic-deal-with-it


Backlinks are one of the three essential SEO ingredients (site infrastructure & content are the other two). The most important backlinks you can have are the ones your site visitors create because you have fantastic content that is enriching and relevant.

Avoid these link schemes:

49 SEO Services


do not be bothered about your competitors when it concerns serps backlinks are important one thing you have to understand now is that there are several ranking factors which is higher than the target key words have you thought about contains when i mean contains i mean key words relevant to the topic included in the body of your article i said this because search engines do scrap out keywords from the body of the article and show them so they target keywords are not too important again


As fellow commentators already said, yes back links are still very important. Google sees a back link as sort of a mention of you. If you have a lot mentions then you must be important and so higher up the ranking ladder you go. Additionally, it's a good idea to have your site validate well and use descriptive names for your images as then they will show up in image searches that lead back to your site.

Best Wishes,

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