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How many credit cards should one business have open?

I want to build up my business' credit. I currently only have one credit card open in my business' name. I have been using it for personal expenses and paying it off each month. Will opening a few more business cards help my credit or make me more liable?

I also have a couple team members who I was considering giving expense cards to. What should the credit limit be on these? Is there any card issuers you would recommend for great rewards?

Thank you.

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I'm not a big fan of giving employees expense cards, unless they are vetted and you can be sure there won't be issue. Having the employee submit a receipt and request for reimbursement forces them to do better receipt logging.

As far as how many credit cards you should open, I can't provide much there. Just keep it simple and don't play the Points Game. Focus on building value for your customers and you'll make more money than the points will give you!


Don't focus so much on credit cards and work to build your business credit by ensuring you have your own EIN number, a Duns and Bradstreet account, and a seperate, legal entity that you do business from. It's best not to intermingle personal and business matters; especially in regards to credit.

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