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How much does app development cost?

Hi everyone! Is there a difference between Android and iOS app development?

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Anonymous User

Hi Robert

Although both Android and iOS are based on Linux, they are different operating systems. You have to develop 2 applications even if the front end and functionality is the same, the Operating Systems means you have to develop them differently.

Any project for mobile app does have some common components but not as much as you think! We tend to do the following:

1. Requirements Capture - Define and document functional requirements of the client (iOS and Android will be the same)

2. Design Capture - Define User Interface and desired interactions and map out process (iOS and Android have some common elements but not 100%)

3. Coding - This is where you really diverge

4. Testing - You are testing the functionality against part 1 but you have to run tests for each operating system

5. Submission - You have to submit your App to App Store and Google Play. Each has different process and costs.

The actual cost of development depends on points 1 and 2 (functional and design specification), which determines the time you need to do steps 3 and 4 (Coding & Testing), so unlike buying a car, or a kilo of meat, it is not easy to give you an approximate price.

In Spain the cost of development is anything from 700€ upwards (per operating system per App) whilst you can do this in India or Asia for about 1/2 the cost but then good luck with documentation and support! Not because they are not capable of it, but the time difference and language barriers can become friction points and add to your ongoing costs and maintenance.

Also do not forget that every time a new version of iOS or Android comes out (currently once a year), you need to review and test your product to make sure it all works OK. You will also want to make enhancements and add new features as the product matures and new operating system versions offer new functionality, so developing an App is not a one-off Cost.

I hope this helps and would be very happy to provide you with specific pricing if you can provide us with your requirements. Please contact us via http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/



Hi Robert.

There definitely is a huge difference between Android and iOS app development. In simple words, both of them are different operating systems and have different IDE's and processes to implement the same functionalities. iOS is often a little harder and hence iOS developers charge a little higher than Android developers (not always though, a number of factors decide this).

Talking about the cost of development in general, you can get an app for whatever budget you set depending on your finances. the costs usually don't exceed it. It's like when you go to buy a house, you set the budget and the agent shows you houses based on that budget. Mobile apps work in a similar fashion, you set a budget and the app developers tell you what kind of app you can get out of that budget.

The difference in the cost of development is usually based on the following factors:

1. Target Platform: The more platforms you want to target, the higher will be your costs. Also, as mentioned earlier, developing iOS apps might cost a little more than Android or Windows apps.

2. UI/UX: The overall app design too has a significant effect on the cost of development. An average design will cost a lot less than an impressive and elaborate design.

3. App Features: Another factor that has a very direct impact on the cost. The more features your app has, the more complicated its development process will become and hence the higher it will cost.

4. Infrastructure: Your server setup, storage requirements, database requirements, communication with the app, user management settings etc. all add up to your costs. The higher your requirements, the higher your costs.

5. Developer Costs: Again, the costs of your developers will depend upon their experience and the region they're based in. Experienced developers in USA will be almost three times as expensive as those in India or China (don't worry, this is because of the conversion rates and the value of the dollar in these countries. Developers in these countries might even be a lot better than those in the former)

These are only a few primary factors that affect the cost of app development and there are quite some others too that would affect it. Though not as significantly as these.

In conclusion, you can get yourself an app for $500 or even $500,000, it all depends on your budget and what you expect out of it.

If you need a more detailed idea, feel free to get in touch with our iOS App Developers here or Android App Developers here for a free consultation.


Although Android app development is usually a bit more expensive, it really depends. You should probably check out cross-platform app development cause this way you'd save time and costs - source. In any case, you'd miss out on users if you are developing an app for one OS only.


Like anything, the quality of the product will be reflected in the price tag. There are developers who will claim they can make you an app for $1,000, and perhaps they can, but how good will that app truly be? Is that app tested across multiple devices? Is it offshored to developers with barely any experience developing? Is it native or non-native? Does the developer even understand your business needs? This is probably the most important thing to consider when talking about low quotes: Most developers speak code. That translates into misunderstandings and incorrectly designed features. A good development agency will, therefore, have people who can bridge the gap between business goals and development realities.

For those reasons (among others) the cost of an app from a reputable provider would probably start in the 70k range, but realistically be much higher, and more importantly, be completely dependent upon a highly detailed spec sheet. The cost will include covering the rates for the different people involved in the project: coders, marketers, designers, project planners, QA, etc. It will probably include a buffer zone above that to cover basic changes to features that clients will invariably make. It most certainly will include building the app with the correct architecture in mind, thereby allowing it to scale.

I'm not sure what you're asking exactly, but I think the meat of your question is "how much should I quote people?" For that, my answer would be this: When developing a method for quoting, I would recommend setting your hourly rate (and the rate of any other person involved in the project), then estimating how long each feature on the spec sheet will cost to develop (taking into account that vaguely worded features get quoted higher, because vagueness means that the client has not thought this through properly and will surely end up filling in the gaps as you develop and deliver), and then adding on extra time for planning and anticipated changes.

Also read, https://artjoker.net/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-to-develop-a-mobile-app/ for more information.



There is not much difference in native Android and iOS app development. App development work needs professional and user friendly design, efficient back-end and Adnroid/ iOS coding before being up-loaded to app store. Development cost starts from US$1000.- onwards.





We could make mobile apps in two ways;

1) in Native Framework:- The apps will be developed in the native framework of Android and IOS. It will have enhanced performance and security.
2) Hybrid app:- In a Hybrid framework, the app could be developed on a single framework and can be availed in multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows etc. It will cost very less compared to native frameworks and the time of development is short period. The Cons are, it will not be as secure and performable compared with a native framework. But the Hybrid framework is widely used for projects which do not need high performance and security.

By the way, the cost of development in both frameworks depends on the specifications and purpose of the app. We could have further discussion regarding the same if you drop a line or ring a bell in the below contact details.

+91 79026 24818


It's a good question. Developing an Android app can cost from $1.000 but there are many factors that affect the cost. For example, the location of the developer, the complexity of the app. The cost completely depends on what are the features and functionalities actually you want.


It's not so expensive at all. I was using https://shakuro.com/mobile-dev.html to make my own mobile application. It's rather interesting and useful when you want to create something. I don't know exact cost but they provide their price list.


Actually, mobile app development cost varies widely and there are many factors that affect it. The primary factors influencing development costs include: platform, functionality, design, developer.

For example, on average costs from $3000 (simple apps - about 1-2 months). In order to get more info, apply to SteelKiwi - https://steelkiwi.com/services/

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