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How much does mobile app development cost?

I need an app for my business. Does anyone know how much mobile app development costs?

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Hello Robert,

Cost estimation - whether you are developing website, app, or software - depends on technology, expertise, and feature requirements. Hence, it is impossible to give an idea of app development cost without insights of app features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), and timeline.

The cost of yearly updation and compliance testing also needs to be added. In case you wish to add new app features, then, it would come at a additional cost. In short, there are a lot of things that needs to be figured out before starting the app development.

It's also true that most businesses who think of getting an app don't really need an app. A hybrid mobile website could serve the purpose most of the times. I can connect you with our Head of Development to clear your doubts about app development if you are interested. Simply drop an email at varun@upreports.com to connect.

Have a great day!

Anonymous User

Dear Robert,

Impossible to tell unless you can specify what functionality you need. From around 1000€ upwards per operating system (Android + Apple).

You also need to consider Apps are not one-off projects. You need to make sure they continue to work on the updated versions of the operating system, which currently include 1 release per year per operating system (so that is 2 per year if you are doing an app for both Android and Apple).

Additionally, you need to apply and pay for compliance testing for Apple and Google Stores before you can offer them for sale via their channels.

However, you need to think why you need an App. We usually get a lot of requests for Apps, but when we dig deeper we find the perceived need is the result of poor implementation of the website in mobiles. In 90% of the cases clients do not actually need an app, but what they want to achieve can be done by improving the mobile website as well as writing a bespoke app for their website which does not require a Mobile App.

We have just completed such a project for a Golf Course Membership using Digital Card instead of the current Credit Card type membership. Instead of costing around 2500€-3000€, we managed to deliver the functionality for under 1000€ including creating membership database, secure login area, “Virtual Card”, renewal and payment process, etc. The customer's perception was they needed an App, but the reality is they were heading down the rabbit hole!

Contact me via our website and let me know exactly what you are trying to achieve and we can explore what can be done together with pricing for the different solutions.

Here is an article that might help: http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/mobile-apps-vs-responsive-website/



App has three main components i.e. design/artwork, back-end (for data handling), and Android/iOS programming. Development cost depends upon requirement and volume of efforts needed, the minimum cost starts from US $1K.




Usually, business entities develop mobile apps to increase their sales, to create loyal customers, and to publicize their goods and services. Rather than having a good design and user experience to the app, we should estimate its practicability to the concerned market. The matters that need to be considered while developing the solution and quoting its price are:

-Performance and security (framework used)
-Applicability and practicability

I would like to inform you of more details regarding its price and development, so please drop a message for further discussion.

Anjum Rahman CP


The cost of apps varies due to a number of factors and the market conditions at a particular point in time. It also largely depends on the type of the app which needs to be developed.

Let’s take a quick look at the factors which can truly determine the cost of developing a mobile app:

1. Research:

The first and foremost phase of developing an app is research. The success of your app largely depends on the amount of research done before the execution of the plan. Hence, it is the first area in which we need to invest in, and that too very cautiously.

Good research does not mean more cost for sure – it depends on the type of research and the data collection methods. The primary purpose of research is to understand the market needs and demand.

2. Human resource:

One of the most crucial factors which determines the cost of your app is the people working on it.

This can help you to maintain the budget of the mobile app, while working with people who can get you to the timely completion and success of the app.

3. Regular updates/ maintenance:

Whenever you see that a new version of an already installed app is available, you tend to update the app as soon as you can. Sometimes the updates is so minor that you wonder what has been updated.

But what is minor for someone may be important to others. A team of developers are always working to provide the users with the best possible technology that they have.Again, it depends on the companies, and how often they update their apps. The cost will largely depend on this decision.

4. Testing:

Testing is a symbolic element to determine the cost. It is ultimately important to conduct an extensive testing before the launch of the app.This will add an extra burden to your budget, but it is hard to avoid this cost as it directly impacts the success rate of the app.

5. Mobile platform and devices:

Defining the mobile platforms for which you are developing the app is sensitive in determining the cost of the app at large. Four major platforms which are available in the market are iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Each platform is different and will have different sets of integration.

Different platforms mean different costs. If you choose to develop an Android app, it will give you a pain in your neck as it has more than 18,000 different devices and screens and will pose a difficulty to ensure that the app is working fine on all the devices.

6. Time:

Time is another factor which can conclude the cost. The more extensive an app would be, the more time it will take. More time would definitely mean more cost as it requires an additional consumption of resources.

7. Native apps or hybrid apps:

Native apps are those apps which are designed for a particular platform and can be installed through app store while hybrid apps are not designed for a particular platform.

It is said that native mobile apps are relatively faster but costlier to create than the hybrid apps, and thus both types of apps can hugely affect the total cost of developing an app.

Wondering about cost and timeframe? Send us a note and we’ll get back to you right away to discuss details.

A conversation is the first step. Tell us how we can help.

Change your world. Get quote from us. (Your future starts here)



Usually, the cost depends on the average time required to develop an app and hourly rate of app development. An hourly rate can vary from developer to developer, it depends on the location of the developer and the developer's professionalism. A simple app can cost few thousand dollars, read more here - http://woxapp.com/en/iphone-app-development-cost/


A trivia app development may cost you around USD $200, a medium complexity level of app development may cost you around USD $650-1,600, but a more serious service may cost more than USD $2,000 per project. Some app developers may also charge you per hour. It all depends on the developer's terms.

Now I am also interested in this issue. It is important for me to know how much money I need to have to order this service. I have a website, Firecams Norsk at https://no.firecams.com/. I want a programmer to write a mobile application for my website. It's important. I want to make more money. The mobile app will help me with this.



Usually, the mobile app development cost will be depending on the platform of the website and what are the features you look in it. First of you need to notify what kind of business is yours, where you are targeting these all come to mind. If your business is a multi-vendor shopping cart there are some websites which are providing with all their services website building to app building and SEO of the website also. Like Shopify, woo commerce, Shopygen, etc. These companies may provide clones also. For ShopyGen will provide fiverr, upwork which is on demand marketplace services sites. For more info click on this link http://shopygen.com/mobile-shopping-cart-solution/


Robert, what's your business about? Where can I contact you to know more about your requirements? I do have experienced app developers, at Space-O Technologies, as my colleagues. They can definitely help you out. Check out their portfolio, in case, you want to get more idea about their work. Lemme share iOS and Android applications developed by them.

iOS apps
Android Apps

You can drop me an email at yuvrajsinh.spaceo@gmail.com to take this communication forward.


It all depends. The cost of mobile app development can differ very much. It may be an app for Android or IOS only, as well as may be a cross-platform app. It also depends on your location because you'd need programmers and their salary rates can be far not the same in different countries. If you are looking for a cross-platform solution, check out how much Xamarin developers earn in different countries here: https://mobilunity.com/blog/comparison-of-xamarin-developers-salary-in-different-countries/. Just can't say how much time would be needed as I have no idea what functionality your app is supposed to have.

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