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How much time should it take to get my first order from my online store?

I launched my online store on 9/16/2017, approx 2 months ago.

So far, I've only had one order. Is this considered normal or is there a problem?

I launched a Facebook page + an Instagram page and I am constantly boosting posts to advertise my products and current promotions.

Can you please help me with this matter?

This is my website: www.otloubnow.com

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Serge,

That's good that you do some marketing stuff. Every business needs it....

In order to to get sales, you need to do some marketing campaigns. You mentioned Facebook/Instagram campaign. Did you optimise it correctly? Launching FB ads is simple but optimising them take some time. You might check some great tips (free) from Facebook FAQ. You can also get some ideas here: https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/inspiration

Serge, I would also consider using an SEO agency and ask to push your website higher in search engines like Google and Bing. So, you will get more traffic and sales.

A good start to monitor your sales and web traffic is installing Google Analytics (its free).


Anonymous User

Firstly well done for getting this far, it can be hard when you hit a point where you feel you are not moving anywhere but go back to basics, you seem to be doing all of the promotional stuff great but if your website can't be found then you won't get in front of the people who are your potential customers. Start by asking who your potential customers are by looking at your keywords and make sure your website is fully optimised for these, if you are not too knowledgeable in this are, please don't worry, make sure you find someone that us, freelancer is a good site to start but make sure you keep all payments to the Freelancer site as you don't actually pay until the work on your website is done, good luck.


With a little luck, it could be in as little as 5 minutes with an Adwords campaign, which is great for driving leads when properly managed.
It's not uncommon for an e-commerce venture to hover around 5 percent conversion, but that's if most of the site aspects are optimized.
I didn't see reviews for products. It often help with conversion.
I had a quick look at your website and my initial thoughts include;
I saw earphones, travel adapters, car organizers, drain baskets, and lots more.
The website lacks a logical navigation and architecture to it.
You'll also benefit if you were to write longer original product descriptions, for every product.
You might have too much of a mish mash, and want to focus on one area.
This would be strongly advised, and also help you to develop a focus, along with a content strategy to support your ecom efforts.

Anonymous User

Hi Serge

A basic fundamental point about the Internet that most people do not realise is the age of your domain is critical on appearance on search and SEO.

Anyone that tells you they can get you to page 1 of a Google with a domain that was only registered in Jan 2017 and website that has been live for only a few months either does not really know what they are talking about or are being dishonest. I say that whilst we make our living from SEO, Web Hosting, and Web Design, so most people expect me to be punting my service here, but we will not take on any website which is less than 3 years old.

Google puts a lot of weight on your website's “Trust” or “Authority”. This is a combination of Age, Quality Natural Links, and General House Keeping. Age trumps all, and quality natural links (read unpaid from relevant websites) do not come overnight. General house keeping is about your quality of code, clean server (no questionable sites sharing your server, so choose your hosting company with care), how often your website gets updates, and how long you have paid for your domain (or Commitment as Google refers to).

This does not mean you should just forget SEO as it is still important to ensure you have a logical content structure, relevant content, fully optimise Meta Tags, fast page-load, quality natural links, no pop-ups, etc. but these will not get you to page one unless you are really smart about the keywords you select and how you optimise them.

Your real traffic in the first 3 years will come from Social Media as you are doing now but pay attention to good advice you had from Lucas, articles/blogging, etc.

Also check your “Exit Rates”, “Exit Pages” and “Abandoned Carts” to get a view of where people give up on your site, and hopefully you can determine what the reason is but be warned this is a bit of educated guess work and not as scientific as people like to think! You are dealing with people's psychology and that is beyond SEO and Web Designer's capabilities no matter what they claim!

However, on more practical advice these are the areas to look at:

Meta Tags are non existent or irrelevant. For example your homepage Meta Description says “Enjoy the difference”!! Really? Does anyone search for this? What does this supposed to mean to Google or someone looking at SERP? The same about your Meta Title. Check this article to appreciate the important of this http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/seo-back-basics-1/

Content. I am sorry but this is a bit of “I sell everything so try me” exercise. You have no “Speciality” other than being on the web. You have to decide what is your niche (only way to survive in the early days), which will decide your “Target Audience” which then allows you to target them appropriately in your advertising and promotional efforts. Here is a great article about “Segmentation” and why and how to do it http://www.netmba.com/marketing/market/segmentation/

Why are you using GMAIL as our contact? This is a matter of trust issue. Anyone can open a GMAIL account without any real check. You can be anyone, so why would I trust you with my Credit Card and hope there is someone at the end of the GMAIL account to help me?

Use an email address from your domain. This is about “perception” and many may argue about GMAIL is safe but this is not about safety but about validation of the company that is just taking my credit card details. In the scheme of things, this is minor but in your case where you are trying to build trust with your visitors, it is critical. It is better not to have an email address showing at all than using GMAIL or HOTMAIL or anything other such type of email accounts.

I hope these help.

The amount is reliant on the product. A product that has more weight and delicate may take more time. On the other hand if it is light, it takes a short amount of time. Most of the delivery sent are done so with others in that they cost nothing to mix them but heavy stuff require proper arrangement. Take for instance Metal Roofing Sheets, they are fairly heavy and it took me over a week to get them.


I have checked your website in few tools and you have zero authority and well nothing have been done in SEO so far. You cant expect sales without investing money in marketing. Either Social media marketing or PPC but I would suggest going slowly with PPC since its a place where you get sales until you have money left in your pocket. SEO is something where you can invest and results will be for a long time or forever.


Hey Serge, I checked out your site and it looks very nice. Although I noticed that you haven't done any SEO on it. I would recommend working that into your marketing budget. That'll help you eventually drive traffic but you should get started on it asap.

Drywall Raleigh


Depends on how well you have done SEO of your website and how website is ranking in Google.

Seo Company Colorado


Hello Serge! Site has lots of pages and that's good. It is missing SEO or search engine optimized words. I noticed you did not have very many words on your website. A website that has more keywords that are commonly searched increases the chance when someone searches for that word or that item your selling that your website will pop up for them to select. I think this is an area you may want to focus your time in. My company does nothing but marketing, lead generation and responsive website design. If you're interested take a look at our website and feel free to call for a free consultation. Good luck with your online business!


I have the same concern as Serge regarding my business.
There hasn't been much activity despite that I am constantly boosting my advertisements and regular promotions.
I find your answers very helpful and save me so much time on research.

I will consider all your advises and see how I can further improve my business.

Thanks all!

Office Carpet Cleaning

It all depends on when you started SEO if you did start. Could be an indication of needing to add that part of it to your advertising budget.

Plumber Anderson


When you boost posts on Facebook/Instagram, you are basically throwing away money. Try setting up an actual ad campaign where you can choose who sees your ads, when they see them, and how they see them. You can also incorporate a pixel onto the site that gives you more insight as to who is visiting your site and what actions they are taking on your site. Then you can retarget the people who viewed the site but didn't make a purchase.

Landscapers Birmingham AL

Serge Dagher: First of all the time to receive your first order from your online store would depend on the extent of an online presence of your store. If you have started off with ADs and promotions, it would take some time 2 to 3 months until it gets noticed by the public. This time depends on how much you have invested in marketing. Getting social media to market your site is faster and easier and will have visits to your site in no time. Wishing you all the very best.

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