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How do I receive payment related to international work?

I am concerned about how to legally conduct an international relationship with a customer. For example, I live in country B and the customer is in country K. How can we complete the monetary transfer?

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We deal a lot internationally and just give them the bank routing information and have them wire the payment in. We do occasionally have the customer pay with a credit card but wire transfer is probably 95% of the way we do it. Sometimes with Canada we will take a check made out in USD.

If it is merchandise rather than services an Irrevocable letter of credit is another option. This is arranged in advance and once the merchandise is received the payment is automatically generated to our account. Most banks other than very tiny ones can arrange an Irrevocable letter of credit.


Either one of you invoices the other (depending on who's paying who and in what currency), then the entity (you?) can book the transfer. If you use paypal or Credit card, you will be liable for the set exchange rates. These can be anything from 3% to 8%, depending on who you use. If you use a transfer service (like OFX) the rate you will pay will be much lower and you will recieve a higher amount in your chosen currency.



1. Stripe.com / Squareup.com
2. Bank Wire Transfer into your account
3. Zenbanx.com
4. Use a Trust Lawyer
5. Use an Escrow service
6. Use Bitcoin



Trust you doing fine !

If you looking at cost effective solution for you and your client then check PayPal and Payoneer .Please ask customer care of both to check which will be more cost effective for your region.You can raise invoice from both.I think it will be better then bank wire and amount will credited in your bank account faster.

Best Regards,

Pranjal Neog


Hi Liliam,

The best way is a bank wire transfer there is hardly any costs involved these days and reaches within minutes.So you both can confirm to each other almost immediately if there is any complication or the funds are transferred.

The other quick options are paypal , credit cards etc. which are also pretty easy specially paypal is very convenient.

But I would suggest bank wire from a synergy and transparency perspective.

Best Of Luck,

North York, Canada

Anonymous User

Hi Liliam

Although we are based in Spain about 80% of our business is outside of Spain. We deal with clients in $, £ and €. We found Banks expensive for both clients and us with poor currency exchange rates and high transaction costs specially when using SWIFT.

PayPal is the most cost effective. They allow you to have multiple currency accounts at no extra cost (we have 3 currencies). This allows us to accept different currencies for payments. PayPal also allows the customer to pay via credit card or their bank, whichever suits them best.

Additionally, (and this is the best part) we can pull the money from PayPal account to our bank account when the exchange rate is at it's best and when we actually need the money rather than being forced to use the prevailing exchange rate at the time of original transaction. This allows us to sit and wait to weather currency fluctuations and pick the best time for us to change the money.

Finally, we can pay for our purchases using PayPal (again in whatever currency suits us best), which is great for cash flow and currency conversion.

All worth the transaction commission PayPal charges which is still lower than bank charges. In practice PayPal gives you the ability to accept multiple currencies and also create a currency hedging account for you all for very little cost.


I know this question is aged so maybe this answer will not be seen by anyone. My firm will hold several different currencies in your account. The wire that exchanges currencies always includes an exchange fee (and it may not be clear how much that is). If you have no need for ever converting back or no desire to time when the exchange is done (better exchange rates) then a wire is simple, otherwise we can time when to do exchanges or never do an exchange so money is available in the original currency.

I would have limits on the countries and who the holder of the accounts would be.

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