How can I determine a product list for my online store?


I'm currently working on launching an online store, but I'm having trouble deciding on the product list.

1. Should I go for a huge variety of products?

2. Should I focus on a niche market to start?

I have a relatively low budget to start with, and the competition is high and has a huge variety.

I really appreciate your help in this matter.

Best regards,
Serge Dagher

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Hello Serge,

Since you have a low budget to start with, then I suggest you to not go for a huge variety of products initially. If you have a niche in mind, then focus on that first.

As you gain more experience and confidence in your industry, then it will be much easier for you to decide on what to do next. Going big too soon without experience or understanding your industry is risky.



Since you are new to market, so I suggest you to not go for a huge variety of products. Just go for the niche in mind firstly.

made startegies accordingly.

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