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How do I show on my resume that I was in a contract position than hired full time by the company?

I was hired through a temp agency to do a job at a bank and the bank liked me, so they decided to hire me full time to do the same job. How do I show this on my resume? Do I include both companies with different start dates, or put my temp start date and just the bank? If I have to put both companies down, how would I write the job description since I had the same responsibilities for both jobs?

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Great question George. The typical employer wants to know about your experience. Though the temp agency hired you, the experience was earned at the bank. I suggest you provide the date (typically month/year is more than enough) you actually began working at the bank.

Congratulations on being hired! I think most people who are reviewing resumes are looking for your experience and for how long you stayed with the company. I own IT Services Birmingham and that's one of the things I look at when reviewing resumes of potential candidates.


George, congratulations on this achievement! It's not very often that this happens! Now over to your question. It entirely depends on the format of your employment summary - whether its tabular, listed or described. In case it is tabular or listed, mention them as two separate rows/points. However, do not forget to mention "absorbed and converted to full time employment" (or something similar) in your bank experience. This is your USP. It shows the kind of value you brought to your erstwhile client turned employer. If you plan to describe your employment summary, a line in italics should bring it to the notice of your future employer. Hope this helps.


Hi, George, another way you could express this on your resume is to list the company you joined, with the date you started as a temp and that title. Then explain in the first sentence where you list your accomplishments "Started as a temp, converted to regular on (date).


I agree with Ed-----Be honest about your experience....


Please highlight with red coloured at top of the resume or beside the present employer


You can put up the temp date for the temp hiring and you can further put in the permanent hiring date. You can also ask your Bank Employer to share his experience that made him hire you on your resume on his letterhead and that would help you a lot and that is authentic too. And his feedback might make you win other jobs easily too.

Akmal Yousuf, CEO

It entirely depends on the format of your employment summary, you should include both companies with different start dates.

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