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How do I tell which type of business is most suitable for me to start?

I want to enter into a new business but I don't know how to tell which business would be most suitable for me, and which business would have the most earning potential in the future.

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Yo. I do not know your background or skills, however, might I suggest that you research the possibility of starting an internet business. One can start a business with very little funds, thus minimizing your risk. That way, if you don't have experience in managing a business, you at the very least will have a solid foundation. I know this, as I am attempting to do the same by featuring https://awesomeshityoucanbuy.com on my blog. I hope this helps.


Start with expertise. That's the first aspect of the answer. It will provide confidence, a network of possible contacts and leads and you have relevant experience to bring to the table. Add to that passion. Starting and running a business is terribly hard. If you have passion around it then at least you'll be motivated when things get tough and you want to quit. (At least that's my experience). The most important component, however, is the market. You have to start a business that the market wants to be profitable and sustainable. Think about gaps in the market that you can fill and problems that you can solve. Where can your business perform better, smarter, faster than competitors?

When this has been sorted out, test your theories. Which idea/combination has the greatest demand and the best earning potential?

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I think you should look for a way to service needs of small businesses serving local markets. This is a terribly underserviced and much-needed service. Thing like SEO, Social Media management, PPC Management, citation creation, web dev, etc..

Plenty of free to cheap content that can teach you this stuff too. I'd look to Udemy for starters. I hope this helps


You should have interest and passion for the topic, along with knowledge, as you'll spend a lot of time working on it.
When you identify possibilities, do a competitive analysis to determine if it's an option or already dominated by others.
As for earning potential, its impossible to answer without specifics. Should be part of your competitive analysis.
Online/Offline? Industry? Startup costs? Overhead? Plan it out to identify first 3 months, then do next 1, 2, 3 years to start.
When its up, how will you drive customers/leads to it? What is the cost per acquisition (CPA) expected to be?
Whats the target market, how will you reach them? Do you need to develop lead generation or marketing funnels?



something is better then nothing. you can start whatever you like, depends on your interest, mastery and lovable approach for that. Every people have something incredible talent, you have to just identify what you can do unique. No one can do as like you. If you find this then you can do whatever you want, No one can stop you in the world.


Anonymous User

One of the first things to prioritise is what you enjoy and what you have a passion for, its really important to remember that when things get tough, if you hate what you do, its going to be harder to keep going. When you have identified this, give a lot of thought to what you are good at and if any of things you really have a passion for, you could incorporate into a business. It won't hurt either to do a little research on the areas you are really interested in and get some ideas online

If you can get things down on paper and respond to this kind of working, make a list of what your ideas are and make notes underneath listing things you can do associated with those ideas. if this doesn't work fro you, work online and list your ideas on a spreadsheet or word document. It doesn't matter how long this process takes and you will never be fully convinced but you have to start somewhere. Sharing your ideas with friends and family also is a good idea, there will be a mixed bag of positive and negative comments but this is fine, ultimately you have to make the best decision for you.


Well, I would suggest going for some online business. I mean ROI on online businesses is very high these days. The best things about online jobs are that you don't need any particular qualification for the same. If you adhere good computer knowledge you may start SEO marketing or content writing.


Hi now a days there are lot many ways to earn money. Not only business. You can be an individual entrepreneur. You can find a best freelance marketplace which will suit for your skills. You must have an individual skills.

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