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How do I attract more customers in a limited area?

I am a manufacturer. My problem is I have a limited market area with huge price competition. In this condition, how should I grow my sales???

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Anonymous User

Optimise it.
Use social media - give away some products - ask/get reviews for them
Email marketing
Content - like - use How to guides, how best to use ....

What's the product?

And your location? It is very important for price.


Advertising: The key to advertising success is to generate promising leads in exchange for the money you spend. To do so, it helps to offer a message that not only hits on your target customers but also showcases the value you can offer them. It also shows that you are serious and committed to your business.
Networking and referrals: Landing referrals from networking or past business associations isn't just a cheap way to pick up new business. It's also a way to pick up customers with the highest retention rates. What's more, referral customers tend to purchase more over time and in turn become a source of additional referrals.


You can use digital marketing to enhance the market positions. For example, content marketing and SEO are the most powerful



There is a saying in Digital Marketing that the best place to hide a dead body is on page two. You want your business to show up first when a prospective customer searches for your services. Regardless of price, you will benefit from the trust and security customers feel from a company on page one. Additionally, they are probably not even looking at the other companies on page two. So what do you have to do? GET YOUR BUSINESS ON PAGE ONE!

I am about to write an article on this very topic. First and foremost, did you claim your business on Google? If not visit: https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en Make sure you have a long unique description. Include pictures. Next, THE MOST IMPORTANT RANKING FACTOR for local SEO is Google Reviews. Google will not post them unless you have at least 5 reviews. Never stop trying to get good reviews and take actions to make it easier for your customer, i.e., Ask customers directly for reviews or add a QR code to your receipts. Make sure you read Googles guidelines for reviews. Google will also allow you to give your customers a direct link to leave you a review. Recent studies have shown that the number of pictures on your website has a significant impact on your rank. Take pictures of your business, your people, your customers, etc. Backlinks or other sites that have links to your site are also very important. Ask your customers who have high authority in the industry or suppliers to link to your site. You need to be careful with links, however, because as critical as they are, if you add too many at once this will flag Google and you will be penalized. The best ratio for links is 1:1 which is one link for every domain that links to your site. Don't forget that it is very important to have HIGH AUTHORITY sites link to your website. There are many tools available online to help you analyze link quality and build this part of your business which is called off-page SEO. Next is Word Count on your website. Word count has had an extremely high correlation to a business ranking. You want to make sure you have a lot of specific content on your site with keywords specific to your business. Lastly, make sure you are using the proper tools to track your rank and page optimization.

Check out some of these tools to help you out. Also, go to Google and read the informative guides they provide. Here is a list of over 300 tools that can help you:


Good Luck!

Tom McCann

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