How to add Windows Media Player component to vidual studio to play Video file?

Hello, I am developing an application in which I want to play VIDEO file. For that I need to add Media Plater componet to the .net application and needs to write programing code in that.

But from where to add that media player component to the GUI?????

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Jtn - MosaicHUB may not be the best place for you. Please check MSDN from Microsoft which will surely have the answer. As I understand, you would need to include the Media Player Component, which is (if I am not second-guessing) is a Component. So you would need to register the component in your project and instantiate it in your programme and then configure its properties and events to play the video in your application. Sharad


The first thing you should do is to recognize the format of your video file. For this purpose you can use . This program will not only identify the file format, but will also suggest you a program to open you video file with.

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