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How can I build links to my blog?

Hi folks, I have a blog for my business site and I frequently update it with new content but I still don't get enough visitors. So my question is how can I build links to the blog?

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Hi Naveen,

There are various ways to build links to your blog post. Here's a short list if that helps you in any way.

1) Email pitches - This often is misunderstood with mass email campaigns and spamming inboxes. :-)
2) Build your social profiles and link your business from your personal profile and share your blog posts there.
3) Build social profiles of your business - for example - Facebook business page or Google local/brand page, etc. and link it and regularly post your blogs there.
4) Build profiles on third-party review sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. and get some of your customers to review your business on those research sites. This is a great way to build a reputation for your website and not just the blog.
5) Keep an eye on your fans who mention your business on social media and build a relationship with them. They will turn out to be your greatest brand ambassadors as they already like your business and share across their networks. So keep sharing new posts with them personally.
6) Use visual content such as Infographics on your blogs and share across various infographic sites. Visuals are a great way to influence interest.
7) Try to create content that provides unique and important insights to your readers which they are not able to easily get from other sites.

I hope these tips should work for you as a quick start.


If your company or website isn't popular, trust me, it's hard to get backlinks naturally. People would like to link to your site if they think your site is really useful for them. Instead of getting backlinks naturally, try to do some efforts such as guest posting. Website owners who are willing to publish your posts if they think your posts are valuable for them.


Make sure the blogs have the correct keywords in them for SEO optimization to start with. The next step would be to talk to industry forums, websites or directories to get them to raise awareness of your blog.


I have a personal opinion on link building. Every day I find post related forums and create an account. The first benefit - you will get a profile link, and nowadays profile link is helpful enough. The second benefit - find a discussion that relates to your post, and you need to link within the post. Or create a new discussion on your post and put your link in the discussion. If you create an attractive post, then you will get good visitors to your site.


Hi Naveen,

There are hundreds of ways to build backlinks to your blog. But here are the most effective...

1. Generate quality content, so that people will use your content and give you credit.
2. Check backlink profiles of other websites, shortlist quality links and try to make the same links to your blog.


I think forum posting is an easy, fast and effective way.

Search on google, find your content related posts and then create an account to post your answer.

Don't spam!

Though there are many ways to build backlinks, it's easy for newer blogs.


Start with forum postings, add some quality social bookmarks and Q&A links, after you have some links (10-20, run an outreach campaign, create a high-quality infographic and promote it with guest posts.



Just share your articles on social media platforms.
More visibility will motivate people to share your article link on their blogs too.
Your content needs to be good for this, only then you can convince the readers to share it.
The starter links can be made to profile creation sites and some sites even provide do follow backlinks.
I recently read an article regarding the creation of backlinks for a new article.

You can also create profiles on sites like Moz.

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