How do I come up with a clear mission and vision statement for my business?

I own a local online store that sells (gadgets, kitchenware, electronics...) and I am trying to set a mission and vision statement so I can have a roadmap of my heading with this business.

But I can't seem to come up with anything, could you please help me get started?

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You're a local business selling products that

- make homes comfortable places
- bring people together over shared meals
- unite them with laughter and entertainment
- bring happiness to others as gifts

It seems like a "mission statement" is too clinical for your business so:

I'd focus on all the experiences people can create for themselves and others by shopping with you.
Emphasise quality, affordability, long-lasting enjoyment, and any specific perks like fast delivery, reliable after sales service, warranties etc.


I can suggest you to hire a freelancers from freelance marketplace instead of permanent employees.

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