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How do I convert traffic into paying customers?

I recently launched an online store, www.otloubnow.com and I am getting a good number of likes and shares on my online's store facebook page.

But the problem is none of these interactions is being transformed into sales either on my website or on my WhatsApp number that I added to simplify the process.

Can you please help me identify the problem and solve it?

Thank you in advance.

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Yua can convert traffic using direct advertising like popups and e-mails. These two ways help me a lot on sales.

When you’re engaging shoppers, there are a few things that work very well. First, you must grab the attention of a visitor. Second, your marketing message must be accessible and highly visible. Lastly, you must provide a strong call to action. Pop ups hit on these three keys providing you with the perfect solution to drive shopper engagement and website conversions.

For a slightly less obtrusive way to engage shoppers on your website, a slide-in email form is your best bet. This still puts your call to action in a visible area on your site but still allows visitors to perform actions. For example, a slide-in sign up form on your blog would engage readers but also allow the visitor to continue to read the particular piece of content. How it works we can see even in this article! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Gabriel Lorenzi
Owner of a network of travel blogs
Viaje de auto
Viaje a Orlando Y Disney


What are your traffic sources? Are they relevant to what you sell?
You should get traffic from the sources where your target audience is


There can be a lot of reasons behind that. The quality of your Facebook followers matter a lot. I checked your FB profile and it has around 1400 followers. Though a decent number, it needs to grow. If they are bogus (or bought), then, they won't convert into sales.

I also spent some time on your website. Your products are pretty unique but the website has not been built to capitalize on it. Products have to be the focus of the website itself. The homepage gives very less space to the products. Similarly, the product pages also need work. People scrutinize a product carefully before making a purchase. So, detailed product description, multiple images, and other crucial buyer details can be added to the page.

If you could share traffic numbers of people coming from Facebook and other sources, I can give insights that will help you in growing the OtloudNow. Ecommerce is a really competitive industry with big players like Amazon in the picture. So, differentiation has to be the prime focus.

Please reach out at varun@upreports.com in case of more queries. I'm not here very often :)

Have a good day!


I wrote a blog post which is for lawyers but you can use most of the strategies and apply.



Use Add for yahoo and other mail

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