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Are there ways to turn not interested responses to an email campaign into prospects?

We do email campaign to generate leads for our IT services company. We get both interested and not interested responses. We consider interested responses as prospects and nurture those leads into closure but we lack in convincing not interested responses, so those responses are left just like that. Can you guys please help me out. What should we do with the not interested responses? Is there any way to convince those not interested responses and turn them into prospects?

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I'd put them into the top of the funnel and just market to them using good and helpful content that is of interest to them. Eventually trust will be built and you won't risk completely dropping off their radar or bugging them at a time where they might start to really run from you (i.e. if you had too hard of a sales push at this time). So keep them in your monthly e-mail list where you are distributing your content and also have them as part of your social outreach with your custom audiences. Best of luck!


A question for you is, are those prospects who say they are not interested in need of what you sell? They may say they are not interested because they simply have no need for what you are offering or they are not qualified to purchase from you.

For example, on LinkedIn today a sales rep from some tech company in India emailed me to setup a call to learn about the IT services his company can provide me. The problem is, I do NOT need their IT services. I have absolutely no use for them. So, they were trying to sell me something I do not need or want.

If the people you are contacting really do need what you sell, then the problem is you are not focusing enough on the value added end results (benefits) they will receive from buying your product/service. Just saying your product/service is great does nothing. You have to PROVE that your product or service will help them achieve their business goals and objectives and provide them with a positive ROI. Understand that businesses do not care about you. They do not care if your business thrives or dies. All they care about is, "what's in it for them?"

So, spend more time researching your ideal target market and focus on only marketing to the exact types of companies that desperately need what you sell--your niche market.

I hope this helps.

Peter Geisheker

Anonymous User

Hi Dangeet,

What would you do to get a payrise from your boss?

Persuasion is both an art and a science and professional sales people develop their own strategies depending on their client profile.

A number of variables are taken into account at every stage of the engagement process right through to aftersales.

However, there is one main ingredient, without which, you will struggle to convince any potential (repeat) customers - and that is the value proposition (TRUST)

A few suggetions to help you get started...

1. What do you know about these potential customers - demographic data to help you target your reach.
2. If they dont know about you how can they find out about you - to learn about your offer, gain Trust and help them decide on your offer.
3. How does your offer address their problem(s) and why should they care about you - when there are hundreds to choose from?

Your first and initial approach should always be to build TRUST - convey the value of your proposition in relation to how it addresses their problem.

Also remember to offer them a way to realise your offering either through sampling or even regular communication again to breed their confidence.
Value +Trust+ Confidence = Conversion

Hope this helps and feel free to connect if I can be of further help.

Good luck

Hear, Hear well said

Anonymous User

Thank you @Robert Bob Cox Jr. Much appreciated.


This past November I received a referral from a guy who 2 years ago in December told me he was not interested. I moved him to a folder in Cloudia Assistant (our CRM) I setup for people not interested. There he was automatically listed in a drip marketing campaign that sent him an email message once a month. When he sent me the referral he reiterated the fact that he didn't think our CRM was for him but that I had the best followup he had ever seen and nobody stays in contact after telling you it's not for them but I did and he thinks our software would be good for his friend. Note, when I moved him to that folder two years ago, I've never thought about him since and had to look him up to see who he was but he thought I was sending him personal emails all that time and he appreciated it.

So get a drip marketing system in place to send personal emails (not ads), and you may see a little business come from it. Also, maybe a year or two down the line they may experience a change where they could now use your product. I stay in touch with nearly everyone whether they are a good prospect or bad... because even the bad may become good again down the line.


I always took the uninterested responses and tries to reignite every 90-180 days, providing that did not feel as thought I/we were bugging them too much..... Anything new or different I sent out I tried to follow up personally.... A courtesy call to build up rapport and most importantly TRUST.....provided they were worth the efforts to follow up


There are many valid reasons why people do not respond or actually take the time to email you back with a Not Interested remark.

Many companies do not follow up on either. They are taking the path of least resistance, and missing out on opportunities, if not to get a sale, the certainly on the opportunity to find out what they are interested in.

If they have engaged with you with a not interested statement, you should take that as an invitation to seek further information, like Why are they not interested, What areas of IT solutions would they be interested in, You just may be able to provide the right solution, but you have presented the wrong impression. No one has ever been shot, for asking questions. Help me to understand how we can best help you.

The other thing than many companies do is they send out a common email or flyer. rather that develop something that is important to the industry you are contacting. This help to present the picture that you are on top of industry related issues. (Industry related issues are always of interest to people who work in that industry.)

My last comment . To often companies will tell prospects what they do, or what areas they are involved in. I.E. we supply this or that type of system and service and technical support at lets say very competitive pricing. You should check us out.
This will always generate a large amount of no thanks, response.

THe better way is to tell the prospect how you can help them and what they will gain from using you. (answer or address the hidden question. What's in it for me? and or Why should I use these people. What can they do that others don't. If not what then how do these people do business that is different or more beneficial than others.

Not knowing your structure of content it is difficult to be any more constructive, Also I wanted to present another angle to what has already been discussed.
Hope it helps.


Make sure you engage with your audience all year long, not just when you want their support. Tell a compelling story and draw in those who get your mission and want to be a part of it.


Simply, no. Advertising and cold calling is all but dead. BUT - there is definitely a way to nurture that contact to be warmer before the ask. They should be able to be 'interested' if you have a qualified email list and you've done a good job of nurturing it.


Yes, it does. All you have to do is to follow up after a month. Consider this, your prospect is not interested at that moment but there's a possibility that they might be interested in a month or so. But before doing that, you have to make sure that you have the right approach. To increase conversion rates, it is imperative to avoid giving your mails a coat worthy for the spam folder. You have to gain their TRUST.

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