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How can I create a product selling story?

I run an online store, and I am planning to make the perfect selling story for each of my items.

Can you help me with the guidelines and rules of the selling story?

Do you have any advise on how to go about it?

Thank you.

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If you have an online store then you already have a loyal base of customers. Your strategy should be to increase the engagement of your core customers, and to expand your base by increasing traffic to your website. Online marketing is all about capturing the attention of your visitors who are known to have hair-trigger clicking tendencies. Stories featuring your products should be engaging (humour helps), and briefly, define the features and benefits of your items. Good quality images enhance the experience. Adding a video that features products, adds the prerequisite visual impact. The videos should not be explicitly commercial but tangentially related. For example, if you sell wines, then the video story could be about winemaking. For this you need a good, creative writer.

There are many freelance writers' hubs that cater to the kind of material that you require. Look up Freelancer.com, and n-dash.com


The perfect selling story is customers' comments describing positive experience



You would definitely want to at least talk about these:

1. Name of piece (and why?).
2. The story behind its creation.
3. Highlight strong points such as if the materials came from a special place or are a special material, etc.
4. Relate the product to a historical story or a sentimental story (if possible)

The latest and hottest book genre is actually self-help fiction (a story with a takeaway). The art of storytelling has finally returned :)

Michelle Arbeau
Celebrity Numerologist, Author, Inspirational Speaker, TV Host
CEO of Authentic You Media
Featured Columnist & Face/Brand of LotteryUSA.com
Ph: 323-252-5169

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