How do you respond to customers that are always bargaining the price?

I’m a freshman with international trading, there are some customers always bargaining price although my margins are very low. How should I reply them? (Other than talking about the good quality).

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Its a classic buying signal. You have to be prepared to negotiate the deal to suit you both. Some people enjoy the challenge and will respect you for indulging them. If you don't have margin to play with you have to look at upselling or bundling in some respect. Do not let them walk away!


Just be polite and carry on closing the sale


I guess by keeping cool and telling what ever is the best possible, just a little idea, sure many people have better idea too..


Ask them if they are there to bargain or do business, be firm and dont let others waste your time, if you hit me up on facebook we can talk about this more.


If all they want is price, then they have not worked out the value of what you are selling. Go back and work out the value proposition


I will go up in price... or I will start interestingly high for negotiation from the beginning. Since you know the customer, you may get a sense on his/her middle comfortable point. If you don't like doing this frequently, don't waste your time with that customer. If the customer keeps looking to work with you is because there is value in your service other than the price. Keep that in mind and let him/her know about that 'value'.


Hi Lilly. Try to find out what really adds value for this particular customer. Press the right buttons and sell instead of negotiate.
Good luck,
Piet Aarts


It is nature that any customer bargain on costs... First thing we have to make them to understand the QUALITY services that we provide them and the after Service. We can give them some additional (Bonus) services...

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I feel your pain, Lily. I am a Real Estate Digital Marketer. I work within a profession that negotiates all day long, BUT they do not generally wish to negotiate their commission and I pretty much tell them the same goes for me. They are not your client nor are they my client if they cannot afford you. Simply release them and you make room for the right person to come through the door. Bottomline is they either do not value your service or they cannot afford you. Either scenario means they aren't someone you should work with. My opinion anyway. :)


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