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How can I test a person has strong leadership skills?

I am looking for a Cofounder that is on an equity sharing basis. How do I know that this person will be a strong leader and is good at execution? Is there a way to test their skills and check whether he/she possesses a growth mindset?

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Anonymous User

On this topic you can write an excellent article, thank you for asking this question, we hope for an early reply of experts


Confidence, honesty, discipline, transparency are some qualities that a leader should have. Moreover, along with all these he should have good convincing power.


Need to understand whether you have what it takes to lead others? Excellent leaders bring out the best in the people around them. It takes a certain natural tendency combined with learned skills to be a great leader. While few people are certainly not cut out to head up a group, others just need a boost from some leadership training courses. The following assessment will determine your Leadership Skills and Style - whether you possess the personality traits and skills that characterize great leaders.

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Give them something new and simple to do and see if they use their intelligence and ask questions. Then you will learn how they think and act and make a decision accordingly.


Hi Harsh,
It's a great question. How do you know, without exposure and or damage.
One way is to place the candidate, under stress during the Interview, just to see how they react.
Such things as interruptions, having them wait, or having them repeat themselves, or explain themselves further.

Another way is via physiological profiling.
there are many different websites which offer psychological testing.
One such site, which not only provides self analysis testing, but also handy information relating to many different aspects is a site called
Mind Tools.

Maybe if you are looking to your best fit, you could ask then final 3 to undertake some type of test or tests.

Good luck,


The first question I have is do you have a set of criteria for the leadership model you want to hire. The most effective leaders have different qualities at various levels in the organization. Regardless of the level, I find the most successful leaders are vision casters, servant leaders, and able to have a history of putting teams together that complement their strengths and address their weaknesses. The best way to find out is to "interview" the people they have worked with and for. This will flush out the characteristics the person has exhibited from real live work situations. Putting people under fire as part of the hiring process can be artificial in terms of seeking the true character of the person you want to hire.
Ping me if you want to have a longer conversation around this topic and I can speak with you real time.
This is a big decision and there is no exact science. Think of it another way. Who is the best person you ever worked for? Why?


True leaders have insight about their accomplishments AND their failures. Ask your candidate to describe a situation that was a major issue and did not turn out as they expected. Ask them what they did to turn things around or get beyond the unfavorable results. If they cannot think of any failures or give examples of pseudo failures, they probably have never been tested in the real world.


True leadership as opposed to managing is a very difficult 'soft' skill to judge. Is it done by merely asking: how many people have you directly supervised; asking about successful projects; etc,. One way leadership can be determined by the level of past employee engagement. Even this is sort of a crap shoot as whom does one ask for confirmation - past employees, peers, colleagues.
May I suggest some leadership questions:

1. How did you bring people around to your point of view?
2. What is the importance of 'hearing your voice'?
3. How does she/he stay inspired.
4. Are you one of those leaders that cannot succeed because not comfortable with the idea that some people might be smarter than you in some ways?


It is a big issue but you can make out while interviewing him with 50% while the rest 50% can be through testing the person by work for short period commanding the team a long with the company targets , acheiving targets . otherwise not .


There are available very sophisticated assessments that can give you a great deal of insight as to the candidate's style, drivers, normal & stress behaviors. Full disclosure I am certified to administer one known as The Birkman. At the risk of sounding self-promotional, I believe it is an absolute necessity to execute one of these during due diligence for filling such an important position to both the company & yourself.

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