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How do I find the appropriate investor for my business idea?

I wanted to start my own business that will definitely work but how can I found a decent investor for it?

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Ah... it's very simple...

1) Find an idea which you're confident about (which seems to be the case here).
2) Build the product with your own money (at least the MVP).
3) Market it with your own initial capital.
4) Acquire some customers and calculate ROI.
5) Looking positive? Great, prepare a business plan with nice forecasts, etc and present to investors.
6) No... chances are less you'll be successful in finding a good investment.

This is just how I think I would invest if I had to. But there is no set rule.

Hope it helps.


Did you try fundraising sites? You can also do a lot on sites where startups present their ideas. It's definitely hard to find a worthy idea, but if you give a good presentation, you can definitely attract some investors.

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