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How can we attract interested business partners?

We are an intelligent point of sale (POS) system manufacturer and supplier in the global market. We provide new generation and innovative total system solutions to POS retail industry with Hintel's latest high-end embedded technology. Our products are highly competitive with the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market, with low maintenance requirement and great value products for partners.

Currently, we are looking to expand our business territories, and are seeking valued business partners who are interested in the new technology products of Hintel and expanding their territories. Hintel is committed to offering the related technical support, training, and resources to help our partners achieve their goals, and create opportunities for partners' business.

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Anonymous User

Hi Miichael,

May suggest the following ways you can attract interest from business partners:

- a feature in a trade publication, in which about have a journalist promote your product to a global audience
- a stand at a trade show
- Blog posts, in which can promote via LinkedIn and Twitter
- Interviews with existing clients which could upload onto a YouTube channel

All of these tactics can be used in an email campaign to potential business partners.

I hope my advice is helpful to you.

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