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Where can I connect with buyers in the social media network for Real Estate?

I am a real estate professional operating in Mysore, India. I have genuine sellers who want to find buyers for their properties, I want to find and convince my customers as per their requirements.

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The best way forward for you would be to focus on 1-1 connections and networking. Email marketing and SMS marketing should be your first prefferred outreach methods... followed by Linkedin and facebook channels for awareness


Do this to get your buyers.

Join several Groups and discuss on Facebook and Linkedin.

Email marketing and SMS marketing.

Always post your Ads on Social media platform and Keep in mind that Share some informational Tips to guide your visitor.

Cross Channel Marketing is also helpful to get your real buyers.


Facebook Groups can be a potent platform; you should try searching for local groups around Mysore property.
Several forums - commonfloor, India Real Estate Forum, 99acres among others too offers a platform to list a property.
Blogs - content can help you reach out to the relevant target audiences; start a blog, disseminate through various platforms to ensure outreach.


For connecting buyers on social media : Facebook is the best medium to get relevant traffic (because most of the youth are active on Facebook) and you can run the Facebook campaign for your location and do the Email Marketing and SMS Campaign as well.

By this activity defiantly you'll get the traffic.


I am assuming you don;t have a website.

Create a Mysuru Real Estate Investment group on LinkedIn. Build a solid network on LinkedIn because you can find a lot of professionals from Bangalore, Mysore and other Karnataka cities on LinkedIn. Once connected, you can invite them to join the LinkedIn group.

You can also create a private Facebook group and invite people to join.

Post not just ads for your properties but also some tips and advice on investing in Mysuru.


You should try linkedin.

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