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How can I find a good freelance writer to hire?


Can anyone suggest a good freelance writer or a tech journalist who can write on the behalf of my clients for various top magazines?

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Hi Sofia,

There are many websites with extensive freelancer's base of any kind and sort. Generally, such platforms as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance, PeoplePerHour, etc. have top-rated freelancers that can bid for your project. Since you are from US, Craigslist will also be handy for you.

Just don't pay any money until you get what you required.

Hope this helps,

These freelance platforms are just flooded with scammers and the worst thing is their manual spinning simply stay way from them.

Yes, it is true. However, there are ratings of proven freelancers who can write high-quality articles and have no "criminal records". You can also search for professionals on LinkedIn (but, still there is a chance to deal with scammers). You can also contact me here or at oliveralisia@gmail.com and I will give you contacts of a few good people who can serve your needs (including me, if the topic is technical).


Depending on the quality you are looking for I have used epic write for several projects. Their prices are similar to other places that offer writing services. What I liked the most about them is you can order as many articles about any subject at a time. I am not a promoter for them just a customer so not sure if your experience will be the same as mine but overall better than complicated membership websites. http://www.epicwrite.com

I appreciate your advice


Try doing a search for nearby colleges and universities. When you find a college or university that is close give them a call and ask to speak to the department of career development. Once you get in touch, ask if they have any English students that would like to do an Internship and see if you can find a good writer fresh out of college.


Try Fiverr. You can also try Dissertation Writing Service websites like ProjectDeal.



There are a number of sites that offers freelance writers through their systems such as Upwork, Fifer and more. However, these generally has registration or commission fees.

You can also try advertising with online magazines, blogs and more. Always do a trail project first to confirm that the freelancer can offer the work you desire.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards


Hi, I'm an experienced copywriter (and former marketing director) who's worked for AmEx and major magazines. As a generalist and Mensa member, I pick up things quickly and turn around copy that's clean and clear to promote products and sway consumers.


Using sites that allow freelancers to market themselves is a great way to find talent.


Or if you prefer you can go with a company that does all of the work for you.

Content marketing is a huge business growth strategy at this time and there are many people out there looking to promote their abilities. While wading through lists of people to find quality content is not always ideal and more than likely not the way you want to spend your day, there are many options available to you. I personally would recommend a content marketing company such as those I mentioned above who are able to weed through the rubbish to find the best talent available.


In addition to searching on reputable freelance writer directories, I would recommend that you network with others in the content marketing space and ask for referrals to niche writers. Also, connect with freelance writers from your favorite online and print magazines -- are there some that you enjoy reading or whom seem to be thought-leaders in a particular space? LinkedIn can be used to track down contact information or you can reach out to the editorial management of the publications to get in touch with a writer.


Today, lots of people are turning toward freelancers to help with their content creation. While freelancers can be a fantastic option (less expensive, more accessible, more personal, etc.), finding one can be hard.

Here are some tips:

1. Decide if you want to work with an agency or an independent freelancer - Most modern freelancers fall into two groups: those working as independent contractors for content companies and those with "lone wolf" status. The first step is to decide which option you prefer. While a "lone wolf" freelancer is likely to be less expensive, an agency offers lots of built-in protections a lone-wolf won't, like on-staff editors and a more streamlined and visible workflow.

2. Look for reviews - Regardless of which route you take, checking reviews is a critical step. Read online reviews for agencies and ask lone-wolf freelancers for testimonials (most freelancers already have an assortment on their site), or references.

3. Ask for a sample - Most freelancers will happily complete a sample product for you. An excellent way to get to know your freelancer and determine whether or not someone is the right fit, sample products save you time and energy down the road.

4. Ask about past projects - Good freelancers should be able to provide you with a laundry list of their past projects and clients. Look for work that is similar to the work you're asking the freelancer to complete. Expertise in your industry is a must!

Hang in there! Finding a freelancer can feel tiring, but it'll all be worth it when you're enjoying hands-free content!


Hello Sofia,

I am a columnist for various top magazines. I would love to know the nature of the proposed work or I can recommend other freelance writers.

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