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How to find new clients for IT Outsourcing Business?

We have an IT Outsourcing company & we basically work on various job portals to get projects from global clients. I am looking for an effective alternative way to get new clients & prospects for our business.

We basically deal with Custom Mobile & Web development. We assign dedicated resources on project to get it done effectively & efficiently.

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You need a consistent approach to biz dev. You need three things.

1. A decent system for sending out messages to prospects.
2. A great list of suspects with complete contact info.
3. A good sale person to manage all of this.

This part of the work is NOT a full time job so please don't go hire someone. You can find a part time resource and pay them a monthly fee with commissions on deals you close.

Don't try to do this yourself if you own the company. You have too much to do.

Happy to talk if you want to chat...201.572.4448

Tim O'Krongly


Do you have clients now? If so ask for referrals.

Determine your target market and ideal customer and find where they go to get their buying information for what you sell. Advertise there.

Use the marketing equation to develop your marketing collateral.


Hi in my experience with getting clients is by word of mouth from my other clients, you can also use social media. There are marketing companies for this but in my opinion you can do the same work without paying them to do it, just get some names and emails and sent out some of your past work projects. hope this helps

I have an IT company and I am looking for IT outsourcing companies to work with my website is microflair.com


Work on your website. Give your potential customer information that they are looking for.

Search on such sites as LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase and they can generate the leads as well.

And attend the tech events, you can also find your future clients there.


Go at this with the end user in mind and work backwards. Knowing the products where your skills can be used, seek out consumers of those products.


You have many competitors and they say the same thing. So the question is what is faster, better, and cheaper about your services than all your competitors?



The only effective way is to have patience.
Try to find someone who can do research on internet. Have a profile on Linkedin (The best for business Growth).
Collect maximum Data from the web.

Once you get a link.keep it up and continue to grow.Eventually clients will come to you and not you have to go search for them.

Whatever i have written here is only based on my personal experience.
Currently i am working in a software Development Company named Global Techno Partners(http://globaltechnopartners.com/) as a Business Development Officer.

I have talk to clients from all around the world,have worked with them by helping them with whatever Their IT needs at a very cost effective rate.

I hope this would be helpful mr vivet.

I can be contacted at nouman@globaltechopartners.com.



Finding clients for outsourcing business is not that easy, we all know that. You can gain clients or potential customers through online means or through digital marketing that will help you engage more and increase your popularity through branding online. Another is the referral by your existing clients. Use and maximize social media because it can help you a lot when it comes to getting new prospects. You can try reading more about it here http://www.offshorebusinessprocessing.com/.


i am start up company and i need clients who want softwares for their business i am from india i am not understanding how to get clients i am alone started this can any 1 help me

What kind of Software you are developing ?

In order to do the Marketing of your Products you will have to introduce yourself to the client with you product's demonstration and make your product user friendly so that they can understand your product. be specific while doing this and try reach client's requirement and make your product as per their requirements. go to the client or customer place directly and meet them and take their requirements and try to reach their requirements.

Arvind Chormalle


The first best way would be to offer your service for free to create a business relationship within your industry network. Secondly identify parallel brands in your Industry and environment. Parallel brands are brands or companies that are in your industry but not direct competitors to your services. You can begin making these alliances and offering them a % of your earnings on the project, creating an income stream for them through bringing you business. The age old source of business increase is to build your sales team. Goodluck

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