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How do I fix a black screen issue on my device?

I have a query here on how to resolve a black screen error type of issue. You open up your workstation, control it on, hear it running, however, the screen is dark. Kindly, someone solve this issue for me, it would be a big help.

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Anonymous User

I ran into the same black screen issue on my Windows VM's while moving from VMware Workstation version 12 to 14. I was able to resolve by following the resolution highlighted in VMware KB 2034627 - https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2034627

To resolve this issue:

Boot the virtual machine into Safe Mode.
In the Device Manager, change the driver for the VGA card to the standard MS VGA Driver.
Reboot the virtual machine.
Uninstall the wrong version of VMware tools.
Install the correct version of VMware tools.

Good luck!

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