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How do we get a business bank account in the U.S.?

Hi All,
We are an Indian-based company and we have recently registered our company in Clearwater, FL. We secured an EIN as well. Now we need to set up a bank account in order to apply for a merchant account or look out for payment processing solution. Any input will be highly appreciated.

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Since you have an EIN, all you need to do is go to the bank with copies of your organizational documents (incorporation, LLC operating agreement or whatever type of legal entity you have) and the EIN and open the account. They may require some additional information from you, which varies from bank to bank.

We can definitely visit the bank and get this done however we are Indian based company which has recently registered in U.S remotely by providing all requested documents to legal authorities online . We need to know how we can do the same to open the bank a/c ? Thanks


You need to visit a local bank branch, Usually registration papers, showing the company being incorporated and the copy of EIN should be enough. If company has Fictitious business names a copy of paperwork will be needed. They may have some other "Patriot Act" requirements as well. Generally it is a very simple procedure.

Hello Brian,
Appreciate your inputs however travelling all the way to U.S just to open a bank a/c is not something which we can look at right now. Let me know if you have any other suggestions .


1. register for online banking
2. there are many payment processing method available on line, cheaper then banks and even more reliable and easy to use.

Hello Yaniv,
How do I register for online banking . Could you be able to provide some links where we can do that.?

Anonymous User

Do you have a Clearwater address? Are you looking for a relationship with the bank? Why is it important to have a US bank in Florida, especially since you have no intention of coming here?
All financial institutions are required to follow US Patriot Act requirements. Cask laundering is certainly of concern. Why not follow the rules and engage the appropriate professionals as well as visit and build a relationship?

Hello Michael,
Yes we do have Clearwater address and yes we are looking to open a bank a/c and the reason we need it is so that we can start our business related to IT & Tech support . We have followed all the rules required to get our company registered in U.S however it seems so far that we need to come to U.S in order to get a bank a/c which I understand is very much required for bank .
What I am looking for is just the way I was able to register my company there may be an option to open a bank a/c as well . Ofcourse I may require to provide all legal documents or my identity proof which is very much fine with me.
Any other inputs or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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