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How can I collect payment from a client that won't respond to me?

Hi. I am running an export business from India. I have a client in the U.S. for the past 5 years. I have supplied him with material but now I cant reach him for the payment. This has been happening for the past few months. I have tried sending reminders by calling and email but I've received no response. The amount owed to me is large and it is causing a problem for me and my business. Please help.

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Hi Chhavi,

Sorry to hear about it. This is one of the biggest problems some businesses face.

You might consider stop providing any services and send a notification to this business that you consider pass the debt to a debt collector agency. They should help you resolve this problem fast.



Dear Chhavi,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I understand the strain that it can have on your business when your client is delinquent on their bills. Few clients hide behind the curtains when they face difficulty in their business or have cash flow issues. They do not realize how important it is to establish a great relationship with vendors who have been the backbone of their business.

Since you are offshore, trying to threaten a lawsuit will not help you recover your money. Even for any business trying to take the legal route might help you win the case which is 50% of the burden, the rest 50% lies on collecting the funds. When businesses have negative cash flow or go bankrupt, even your court order will not help you. You will end up spending more money on your legal fees.

I once had similar situation with a client who owed me more than $50,000 and this email helped me. Speak to your client appreciating him for the relationship and opportunity they created for you for the past years. Also tell them why this puts financial burden on your business and how he can help you with your cash flow. May be offer him a discount on the open invoice and he might be more open to discussion. Also business love payment options as well.


Hello ******,

Good afternoon & trust you are well!

It was brought to my attention that your company currently owes us $21,612.00. This has been past due by 2 months now. We made several attempts to collect the payment and it seems there was no response from your side. We have paid our team and the vendors who assisted your company with chargeback prevention and representment services and we are yet to receive the payment from your end. I have always seen you as a respectable business entrepreneur and it is hard for me to think you would ignore us.

I was told by my accounting team to pursue legal options but I am always inclined to resolve things in an amicable manner rather than pursuing legal means. We have been in business servicing clients for many years and have seen hardships over the years. But we have always paid our vendors on time. We realized clients come and go but our staff, vendors and partners always stay with us and become the pillars of our company. I am sure you realize this as well.

We are very open to discussing your financial challenge and are even willing to work out a payment option if needed.

I sincerely hope you will be open to discussion with us. We will stand by you not just during the good times but also during the bad times as well.

I look forward to workign with you soon.


Good luck with your client and I hope he communicates with you and make arrangements for the payment!

- Suresh


Hi Chhavi,

Sorry to hear about it. This is one of the biggest problems some businesses face.

you may have contract with that company at the time of Performance.According to that there must be some source of guarantee or some Govt organisations who provide this facility like Credit letter by the banks.you may contact directly to the Law firm in the clients area and explain all situation with some sort of evidences which can not be regretted by them.This is the one way.
second way is to contact the company directly through any middle man or mediator who will contact on the behalf of you and money can be recovered.

Best Regards

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