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How can I get a high page rank for my website?

Can anyone help me get started on how to get a high Google page rank for my website: http://www.offers-daily.com

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These days - QUALITY counts a lot on Google Rankings. Build your website that gives good value and information to your target audience, loads fast and is well-organized in site structure.
Then update content a lot - like daily.
This will build an excellent foundation for further SEO actions.
Don't run for the quick fix and try to search engine market a poor site with thin content.


Page rank is officially dead. What you should be focusing on is ensuring that your content serves a purpose and assists in educating users.

Things to avoid: keyword stuffing, creating content for the sake of content, deceptive link building tactics, etc.

Things to do: write relevant and engaging content, connect with publishers in your niche, develop a keyword strategy, optimize your website's technical structure, etc.


Page rank doesn't exist anymore. You should focus more on Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flwo (TF). In order to get high DA and TF, you need first of all focus on quality content and so SEO.


You can advertise on Google, or do SEO, our website is to do so. http://www.jiyu-acp.com/


"Traffic is an essential need for every business and website. I was really upset and discouraged as I experience low turnover in my business. I have good products but lack buyers. I found an agent http://fiverr.com/linker?view=gig&gig_id=82734021 Who provides me with real breathing targeted human traffic by distributing a press release for my products. Now I make great sales and the turnover is high. I have been using his traffic services for sometimes now and its is the best so far."


Google Confirms Toolbar PageRank is No More!

Google not updating page rank since December 2013.

What is the best way to recruit talented/responsable employees for an Epoxy Flooring Contractor.


Hi. First you need to think about that:

1: Evaluate your current search ranking
2: Track the correct metrics
3: Diagnose and analyze penalties
4: Do keyword research
5: Go searching for your keywords with great content
6: Build links right

The last step is the most important and the most difficult. Search on the internet about "linkbuilding". There are a lot of tips about that.

Gabriel Lorenzi
Owner of a network of travel blogs
Blog 1
Blog 2
Blog 3

Anonymous User

Oh please dont use Fiverr! Content is important yes but content alone will not rank you, It is a combination of everything that will provide high DA and DR in Ahrefs.

Content, social presence/activity and links from authoratitive websites in your niche.


Page Rank is no longer being used by Google. Domain Authority and Page Authority are two of the most common ranking methods for sites and marketers today.

To improve your DA and PA, you will need to focus on both your ON/OFF-SITE SEO efforts.

ON-SITE SEO is something you can play around with in the beginning of your site launch. This is the content creation, formatting and site structure aspects of your site. OFF-SITE SEO is all about the promotion of your content, such as social media, link building and guest blogging on other sites.

SEO and organic rankings in Google are still one of the best ways to increase traffic and market your site or business online.

SEO is all about the content you create and how you promote it.

No matter what niche market you are in, it’s extremely important to know your audience and what type of content they want. This will help with SEO and ranking for long tail keywords that your audience is likely typing into Google.

Also make sure you niche down as much as possible, as this is where you are going to find opportunity and be able to potentially establish your site as an authority and trusted resource for information.

If you want to improve your site’s SEO and make your content better than what’s currently out there, it’s all about the content creation and content promotion plans you have for your site. These are the two most important things to remember.

CONTENT CREATION - Only create great content that provides real value and is better than what’s currently already out there. Google your competition, see what type of content they have, then create something better and be sure to include stats and visuals when possible.

CONTENT PROMOTION - With over a billion active websites and blogs online, there is already way too much content out there. Without the necessary content promotion, your site is just going to get lost in the mix. You need to continually promote your content to new audiences.

To better explain all of the above and how you can use such methods to increase traffic on your own site let’s cover the many components that go into a great marketing and branding plan to grow a website or blog. Not only will content creation come into play, it’s also how much effort you put into your content promotion as well.

In the world of blogging, this can be done in a number of ways.

We are currently using the following methods to increase traffic, backlinks and exposure to our sites:

- High quality blog content, case studies and tutorials
- Social media to connect with new audiences and share blog content
- The creation of shareable content like infographics
- Guest blogging and article contributions on other sites
- Creating expert round ups of other top bloggers and industry influencers
- Getting interviewed on other podcasts and running a podcast of our own

If you implement these tips into your own marketing and content creation efforts you should see continued success.


Google page rank is officially dead and Google have not updated the toolbar page rank since December 2013.

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