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How can we entice sponsors and advertisers to contribute on our travel podcast?

We are a family of 5 traveling the U.S. and podcasting about our travels from our minivan. We are looking for the best way to find sponsors and advertisers to buy advertising space on our podcast and vehicle. We are prepared to offer various advertising packages, including space on our van, website and episode commercials, but not sure the best way to identify and approach prospects.

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A few simple pieces of advice: There's a lot of competition for their media dollars. They want exposure, but the right time, at the right cost and "right" kind. They want reach, frequency and continuity. You need full disclosure and you need impressions. The sponsors will want the right target market for them (demographics, geographics, psychographic, technographic, and behaviorial characteristics. or "People," in the 9P's of Marketing. They will look for media mix, websites, distribution, seasonality, media mix, costs, their budget.
Simply put:: Media planners direct their advertising message to the right people at the right time, at the right budget or cost. Add media researchers (support group to planners) and media buyers.

Here to help. All the best and good luck.


Kris Gilbertson offers a course that discusses monetizing podcasts. You can check her out at: http://www.lifestyleacademy.com/. I listened to her webinar yesterday and she is offering a discount via the following link for the next 4 days (http://www.podcastwithkris.com/susan). For clarity, I am not affiliated with Kris in any way nor do I receive any compensation for this suggestion. I am just passing this along as one possible answer to your question.

Thanks Scott, we will check it out.

Anonymous User

@Larry Steven Londre makes a very important case for the 9P's of marketing. It is also important to understand your motivation for needing an advertiser. Is it to make money or to offer something unique that they are not already receiving? I.e.; The right target market for their business bearing in mind the infodata required to prove your marketing strategy will or works. Not forgetting the importance of utilising a media mix solution against maximising reach.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


They ,must feel a benefit from the podcast either in products, services or givebacks to their customers. There are a wide variety of industries that would fit depending on where you are going and what you do when you get there.


If I were you, I would print a sponsor package and have a page in my website with direct payment processing. I would visit my near stores (retails) that I use to visit and in where I got everything I needed for my family adventure; then I would try to connect with their managers to quickly share my idea and why I'd be so glad to have their support handing them one of my sponsor packages for them to study later on at their own time. I will follow up all retailers and business owners I visited a week later. Don't rely on completely looking for sponsorships online at all, your type of situation is one that could be so fantastic doing it in person. Connect with them personally. I did something for a school and it worked so nice that my small team got lunch and t-shirts expenses covered included :)
Good luck.


I have ordered a few podcast spots from Fivver.com and I see a ton of them adervisting on there. I am sure once you get a lead and can prove that your marketing works, a lead from there can go a long way


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