What are the fastest and easiest ways to grow a business?

Hello, everyone, I would like to hear advice on this topic. I want to distribute and impose like a brand-leader for cleaning companies in east London. I will be grateful for any pieces of advice.

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Well, It is RIghtly Said By the Person that has already commented on your Answer - No Business Can stand up in One day. Now Let's get back to your Question. To emerge as a brand - You have to first do the Branding.

You can do Branding By Different ways, but let me tell you It requires enough money.

1) Social Media Marketing
2) Content Marketing

In Social Media Marketing, You can promote your Stuff through Paid Campaigns ( Hire a Social Media Expert for Better ROI)
In Content Marketing, Put your Niche Related Content on the Internet ( Hire an SEO Person to make it Rank On Google)

You can also HIre a PR Marketing Company to promote your Brand. I am available to answer your more Queries, Please put forward specific Questions.



I'm not sure that t here is any fast and easy way to grow a business; but when the sales efforts of the company fail to bring the desired growth, it is time to check the fundamentals. It is like taking your car for the annual tune-up and oil change. It provides an opportunity to analyze and correct the mistakes that are being made, and to stimulate the sales force with some new ideas and directives. The lead should be taken by the sales and marketing managers, but it must eventually involve the whole sales team. Arranging a special meeting adds drama and urgency. Seeing that the top sales and marketing people are passionately involved acts as a stimulus. To ensure that the talk actually turns into effective action at all levels of the sales and marketing department, regular follow up meetings must be held. These subsequent meetings must focus on measurable results on an individual and team basis.

Today's marketing mix must focus on website SEO, targeted traffic, content quality, and data utilization. If your IT personnel can do an effective analysis on this, than use their input to improve your digital impact. If not, then it is well worthwhile to hire a capable expert on an hourly basis.

Obtaining feedback from the sales people, who are actually contacting customers, makes them more pertinent to success and motivates them to improve. Check these fundamentals: The actual marketing function and activity should be closely matched to the budget allocated to sales and marketing. Unproductive time spent by salespeople add to cost and reduce funding of other marketing or sales activities. Marketing focuses on the four “P's” of product, promotion, price, place (distribution). Reconsider the strategies for each of the four and tie it to cost/benefit. Weed out or curtail the ones with poor ratios and provide more support and funding to the winners. Redirect the sales team to concentrate on the activities which maximizes benefits. In combination with the Controller, direct the budget to areas with the best returns on investment. The review decisions must then be tracked. Goals must be reviewed with every single salesperson. Successful market penetration must be assessed in terms of growth ratios. Ensure that the sales people are properly prioritizing the potential customers who need the company's products and services. Perform an in-depth review of every salesperson on their method of actually making a sales call, communicating the appropriate message, and obtaining a commitment from a prospect.


Hello Billy,

No business grows fast and easy, unless you put enough effort into it.
Study your target audience i.e. potential customers who would use your services, check out what your competitors are doing too. Advertise your services in the social media. Find a payments provider who can help you accept and process non-cash payments in person and online - see mypos.com

I hope this helps.


There are companies that are easier and faster to set up than others but the work you put in will be no less than any other company. I would advise starting from the beginning and doing some research and follow the below points as a guideline.

What are you interested in, what are you passionate about,
Start researching these areas of the market and get an idea of what you want to do and what you want offer.
Be determined from the beginning.
Start making plans for how you are going to put this into practice, might sound easy but its a long process that you will have to do at some point so start at the beginning and go forward.


The capital rule though is that you have to "Grow your mind first".


The right way to grow a business is by hiring and protecting the best employees you can.

Build a team. Work to earn their trust and then protect them. Pick team leaders that demonstrate competence, dedication and loyalty. Share information with them and give them real authority over their responsibilities. Agree on the goals and boundaries and provide them the freedom to choose how to accomplish the mission while holding them accountable for the results.


Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.
- bullet force -

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