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How can a video creation business growth hack into the U.S.?

How do I expand my Israeli-based video creation business into the U.S. if I can't afford a dedicated sales force?
(We do have live action video team in L.A and storytellers in SF, LA, NY).
Our website is: www.anicowboy.com

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In my experience there's business video and there's entertainment video. On the business side, the business expects to pay for their finished video. Businesses almost NEVER go looking for video production services, at least SMBs under ~1million/yr and/or those too small to have dedicated marketing staff. A real person gets through to a decision maker, establishes trust and makes a sale, much like selling media in years past. Larger business tends to have existing relationships with agencies and the agencies have the relationships with the producer, editors, etc.

On the business side someone that can sell into the SMB segment is still the best way to go, mainly because so few in small biz go looking for video production. In bigger biz you need to figure out who the agencies are, get on their radar, and do your best to make them think of you when they have a client with an ad that needs production.

And then there's entertainment, which based on your red hat and non-business vocabulary I would guess is what you identify with. A revenue model is the challenge. Basically you need to sell tickets, or subscriptions, or you need to do the ad thing on a Youtube channel or a sidebar with Google ads. All of which require time and/or the use of media to build a largish audience from which a small percentage will decide to buy the ticket or the membership. Revenue from ad views, of course, requires an even larger number of page viewers.

In my experience and opinion, the challenge is not in creativity or having a bigger camera (e.g. 4k what a waste for web-based video), etc. The challenge is in selling on the business side and in building the relationships with agencies on the entertainment side.

my .02


Thanks for the question Ed, they are kind of partners, freelancers expert in their field and partners which we work closely together. They can meet the client in the locations I mentioned to write the script and extract the messaging for the creative video.

Anonymous User

Pair up with someone with a lot of buzz but giving away freebies like Ubuntu or Seuss Linux. Make them have your technology first. Think of the way MP3 made it in the industry. It's not paid for in conventional ways but with some care you can get returns.

Thanks ChenKuang but we are not a startup but a service provider studio. We don't have technology, we use creative software.


Hello Avi,
Contact Universities and Community Colleges for Interns. Have a program that they can earn credits, offer career opportunities, and implement other incentives programs that will be beneficial to the students and the company.

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