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How can I make a WIX website rank higher in google?

For a WIX expert: I've been told the WIX website I've designed for a client is not responsive and will not be picked up by google. When I designed the site I adjusted the mobile version too. This shows file on my mobile but I've been told by Sensis that they can't see it on their 'program' or 'system'. How can I make this website work better and be picked up by google?

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Anonymous User

Have you asked google to go over and index the site ?


The responsive part google only hits out at "mobile searches" for that website it does not effect normal desktop searches. So if i look for it on my desktop or laptop i should find it easy.

You can ask google to have a look to see if its mobile friendly.


Another little help if its a business you can add it as business in google bear in mind you do need an address it take 3 to four weeks.


You could as well add page on Facebook so you can build an audience this also helps google as a signal that the site is good.

I hope these basic steps help.


Part of the problem is using WIX for the website design and Google has a problem indexing. See attached blog for details of the issues with WIX from an SEO point of view. http://davidodonnell.com.au/reasons-not-to-use-wix-com

Although DIY builders make things easier for people to build websites with, there are many reasons professionals do not use them. This is one of the major things.

Anonymous User

As far as Google is concerned, Kevin's suggestion of the mobile friendly tool will not only tell you if Google sees the site as mobile friendly, but also show what the problem is if they don't.
However as an SEO person I have to agree with Elaine's suggestion to read David O'Donnell's blog post which gives more than enough reasons for avoiding Wix if you are after organic search results, Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine.


Contact Wix support directly and pose the problem/question to them. They should be well aware of the issue and working on resolving it.

As many have already told you, this is an issue that needs to be resolved as part of the site plan at the beginning of the project. Just because anyone can create a free site easily doesn't mean everything else that is required to make the site successful just lines up and falls into place. These free sites are free because they don't have the flexibility most serious sites need - so they leave out that flexibility and greatly reduce their customer service and tech support issues.

You might want to reconsider using Wix or any other free service for any site needing to eventually get exposure in the search results - especially for mobile SERPs. those services limit what you can do and edit toward marketing, SEO, and business goals. They are not set up to do much more than let you easily create a basic web site and many of their limitations are there because they don't know, don't care or have security issues to consider.


You'll have to do two things

1 - Submit website to google
2 - Perform SEO

In wix, you will want to go to the page settings and and go to "SEO(Google)" tab and edit the information there

In real life it might take two weeks to get to first page on Google


As has been suggested you should setup your Google Search console, ensure your site is mobile optimized and that you have optimized it for search. I would also recommend setting up Bing Webmaster tools as well. Finally, be sure your business (and your website address) are properly listing on the major local search business listings and search directories. We have a tool you can use to verify your listings at http://www.brilliantlens.com/local-search-listing-visibility-test. The test is free and there is no obligation to use our service, but it will give you a good idea if whether your business is showing up in the various search directories. If not, I'd advise you to correct this.


you dont have access to CSS by wix? i didnt use wix saw only ads of it ,but is there any option to get bootstrap templates? They are responsive

This is small tip to get search result higher: Make more headings like ,i read that google looks for headings and also good relevant orginal content.Do u have place to put search keywords?


Firstly you must make the mobile version on your Wix website, cause Google has makes a changes on It's algorithm to make the website that doesn't mobile friendly not be shown on the first result, so If your website It's not a mobile friendly (responsive) you will lose 50% of your chance to be in the first result.

Then you must work on SEO Google setting on you Wix Editor, you can find it here :
Click on Edit Website => Click on Gear icon (Setting) > SEO (Google) > fill out the information there also make sure to enable the feature of allowing search engines to find your website


My answer: Pay a professional to build you a real website that works. Sorry to be blunt, but I've watched businesses fold because of these types of decisions.

We have website pricing of $399 + $95 per month for a custom professional website that will move you up the search engine rankings. It's not that expensive when you compare the results. You are literally tripping over dollars to pick up nickels.


Anonymous User

Hi Justine Malone,
I have over 30 Websites with WIX, every single one ranks page 1 for its Geographical Location/s. Mail me will take a look for free for you

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