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How do I identify my target audience for electronic equipment?

Dear all,

I am working as marketing and sales manager at Taraz Technologies. We are working on innovative electrical/electronic equipment manufacturing such as current probes, voltage probes, THD analyzers, etc. In fact, we developed the world's first smart probe that can interface results on both PC and Oscilloscope. Gate driver modules and electronic blocks. We also provide PCB assembly and manufacturing services globally.

You can check the product line here:

I am mainly focused on increasing sales of our smart probes:

However, I am struggling a little to identify my real audience. I am focusing on researchers and universities for now. Any valuable suggestions to produce results for my company?

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Hi Daniyal,

This site will provide you with a free copy of a target audience kit: https://coschedule.com/blog/how-to-find-your-target-audience/ There are also other resources online like Hubspot ( Hubspot also provides great info and help on this topic, go to https://blog.hubspot.com/customers/getting-started-with-segmentation ) that can help you, however, if it is in your budget, an advanced digital marketing firm that used Data Science like www.iquanti.com will be your best bet. I did my best to provide you tips and questions to lead you to your answer.

Please check below. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out to me directly. My contact Info is below

1. Determine what needs your product fulfills
2. Who is most likely to use your product? (buying power)
3. Use a funnel approach (narrow your audience down, for example by age, job, gender, etc.)
4. Emphasize primary value propositions-ist out the core values that your product offers, and then draw a line (or lines) to the demographic groups that 5. Prioritize these values.
6. Obtain Data - Gather Survey Information
7. Draw on existing data aggressively - If similar products in the market, use their info, data, etc.
8. Look to your own network for data

1. What problems does my company’s product or service solve?
2. Who are our current customers?
3. Who is my competition?
4. What do customers stand to gain from choosing us (instead of a competitor)?
5. Find Your Target Audience On Twitter By Connecting To Your Twitter Followers
6. Identify your demographic information
Hope I was able to help. Please feel free to reach out for further discussion.

Tom McCann

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