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Anonymous User

How do I make my homepage for a car leasing business website more interactive?

Hi, I have a Newcastle car leasing business website which has been running now for approximately 2 and a half months. It has been getting some traction, but mainly from referrals. I have done all my own Search Engine Optimisation and I am starting to rank for several keywords. Still, I am looking to understand how to make my homepage more interactive to increase my visit to inquiry conversion rate.

My website is https://www.alexander-stone.co.uk/.

I have tried to shift things around and place 'Request a Call Back' call to action that you can see from the main page. But I feel like I need more help!

Would appreciate any help.

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Anonymous User

Hi Vitaly

We have been designing, hosting, and optimising websites since 2006 for clients across the globe including the UK, US, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Chile, etc.

If your website is only 2.5 months old and you are ranking for keywords, then a big well done. However, I would seriously question how popular those keywords are. Competitive keywords are not easy for a new domain to rank. Your WhoIs Record shows the domain was registered in 2016, which is less than 2 years assuming you had a relevant website from day 1.

Watch out for your Meta Tags as they are far too long, generic, and in some pages do not match the content

On your specific question of “Interactive”, I am always concerned when customers use “semantics” which are loaded. You mention “Interactive” and when clients talk about “Interactive” websites they tend to use the term too generically which in some ways make it meaningless.

To us, being Interactive means the ability to Interact not just with the content but also with people. Your kind of business needs personal interaction because most pricing in car leasing businesses are really headline prices to grab attention. Leasing companies rarely sell products at prices advertised, so people need more insight.

FAQ page, Social Media Sharing, etc. cannot cover specific questions people will ask when looking for a leasing contract. The only way to do it is to have a live “Chat” application on your website with someone knowledgeable who can answer questions without copying-and-pasting from your FAQ.

So my advice is to get Interactive in the true sense of the word and install a “Live Chat” application on your website and have someone knowledgeable operate it.


Hi Vitaly,

I am an SEO expert and content writer from Pakistan. It's good that you are initially ranking for some keywords as you said so. But, there are some SEO best practices that need to be ensured while doing keyword research. Following these will let you know which keywords to target and which not.

Secondly, for "interactivity" I would suggest following things:

1. Divide your navbar into two sections, upper and main. The upper navbar may contain less important links like "Guides", "Contact Us" "Customer feedback", "FAQ".

2. Use "Request a call back" call to action inline with navbar but should be different in colors and shape.

3. "Alexander Stone - Newcastle Contract Hire Leasing Experts" should be below hot offers.

I think these are of greater importance for "interactivity" right now.


Have you looked into share this buttons on your homepage? Good way for customers to save, email and share your site with friends and colleagues etc. Also gives some function and adds SEO juice.

This has been used in many websites and it helps a lot. Your car leasing will be successful.

Anonymous User

Thank you for the quick response and the diversified answers, I will try and add the appropriate suggestions. I have been doing all of the work myself and it is a continuous learning curve as a new business owner with a limited budget. Hopefully, my Newcastle car leasing business will take a few steps forward regarding its online presence.

Thank you again,

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