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How do I make a one page eCommerce website with a buy now option?

I want to sell a single product so I need to create a webpage or website were I only sell 1 product and it includes all of the details on that product and it should have a buy now option. What is the best way to create such a website?

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Anonymous User

The question is what do you want to achieve in the mid to long term.

If you envisage your business to grow to beyond 1 product at some point, then you can create a simple 1 Page WordPress site very cost effectively (cheap does not always equal to cost effective). You can use PayPal “Basic” system which allows you to create “Buy Now” or “Pay Now” button/buttons with pre-defined values for products or services. Generally people trust PayPal more than a Credit Card payment on some unknown website on the Internet, so this helps you take credit cards without the costs of SSL for security, etc.

If you think your business will be simply a single product for now and future then any of the suggestions from other contributors such as Shopify, e-Bay, Amazon, etc will do fine.

Regards & Good Luck

Anonymous User

IMO the simplest and most cost-effective way is to use Shopify: shopify.com


Even easier - set up on eBay with a buy-it-now option.
Spend your time & money marketing rather than building.
Good Luck!


I second the Wordpress solution. There are lots of one-page themes and lots of free shopping card add-ins


Hello! you can easily create any eCommerce website with the help of Shopify, for example. You will just need to get and appropriate template for it (there are some cool ones on http://www.templatemonster.com/shopify-themes.php) and fill it with the content you need. There is nothing hard in it at all


I recommend using a website builder with a one-page template available, like Wix or Volusion. I personally prefer Wix, but you can read about them both and compare them. Here's a great article, hope it helps - http://www.beautifullife.info/web-design/10-best-ecommerce-builders/.


A simple html website with a Paypal Buy button will do. No need for E-commerce solution.


Thank you for such great tips in the thread here! I am going to create my website with the help of http://www.webstarts.com web builder. It will be an online store, so such tips will be very helpful for me too

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