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How to make pdf document read only without setting any password protection to the document?

I have a pdf file which i need to send to client and i want to make it read only without setting any passwords . And in the document , right click along with print option , saving , print screen , downloading etc..should be disabled .

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Passwords are required in order to disable many of the functionalities in a pdf file - though I do not know any that disable printing.

A question would be - what would you be sending your client that you need to ensure they can't do anything with something that you give them?
I am not very techie, and trust me, if I want to use something from a document, I can do it.

I would not be spending your time worrying about that, and trust your customer to respect your data. Or maybe they shouldn't be your customer.

Anonymous User

I don't think there is a way to stop the print screen capture as that is a function of the operating system.
From within the open PDF document press Ctrl-D. Go to the Security Tab. Under Security Method select Password Security. In the lower-half of the Window, select Restrict Editing and Printing of the document. A password will be required in order to change these permission settings.

Under Printing allowed and Changes allowed leave these at None. Put in your password and click OK. At the next window click OK again. Type in your Permissions Password and click OK. Click OK one more time and then remember to save your PDF.

Anonymous User

You can leave the password blank.


I'm stumped by your question: I want security without any passwords.
There is no such thing as security as the simple act of sending it by email/chat/etc makes it susceptible to reading. And anybody with a PDF can use public and free services to make it text. (Scan it?).

So unless you use the Acrobat defaults with a password to limit casual changing or modifying there is no sense in looking for other alternatives as any determined user (not even a hacker) can reduce the document to text. Even Print Screen is easy to override.

My recommendation: Use the password for editing and copying limitations.


I believe all of the commercial pdf programs force you to password protect a document to get the read-only security. I believe that certain freewares are not this way, however. Here is an ehow article that you may find helpful. http://bit.ly/ZiYBrI


You could print the document, then scan it as a .pdf . This will make it difficult to copy/paste and re-edit, although there is nothing to prevent rescanning the document with optical character recognition and editing that result.


You would need Adobe Acrobat, not simply one of the many programs that allows you to print to a PDF. Here is a tutorial on how to secure it with various functions:

Keep in mind that there are many ways to get around this if the person is determined, so while it is supported, don't count on it to be an absolute fix.


If you are using Adobe software to create the pdf files you can find Managing Security Policies under Tools menu. You can create a new policy with the options you want.

There are many third-party tools are also available. Check thoroughly before use.


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What software are you using to create the PDF?

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