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What is the best way to promote/market an online marketplace?

I am planning to launch an online marketplace (for buyers and sellers) in a particular niche/category. In other words, it would be a storefront website, where sellers would create their store and buyers would come to purchase the goods.

This means, I won't be be doing any production, shipping, selling etc, but just giving the platform (but ONLY in a specific niche, thats where I would be different from Ebay or any other website).

Now, the problem is the promotion/marketing of such website, which seems to me a Chicken & Egg problem. If I contact sellers to come first and create their store and list their products with images, why they would spend time and resources to do so (when there are no customers). Similarly, there is no point for customer to visit website when there are No buyers ...

Please advise on how should I go for its marketing?

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Your challenge is one that is very common. Especially amongst individuals who see an opportunity in buying one of those inexpensive clone scripts (fiverr, eBay, etc) and then figure they can also build a monster, but soon realize that they don't have tons of employees and funds as the big boys do..

Your venture, (if you are seriously planning to put all of your time, energy, funds, etc into building a 2 sided marketplace, and trying to turn it into a profitable business) will require allot more than just figuring out how to market it. Especially if you are still in the "planning to launch" stage.

I will give you only simple answer to start with.

Your "sellers" are the ones to focus on at first.

Invite them to put up their products, (free), and give them the tools to easily promote and sell their stuff. Then make sure that "they" do much of the promoting and the selling for the most part. As in, give them tools to share their stuff on Facebook, twitter, etc. And give them a great reason to do so.

Many professional sellers (if they know what they are doing) will be promoting their stuff anyways. And they will reach their buyers via social media, etc. It's your job to convince them to add "your" website link to their stuff. (not eBay, etc). This way the buyers that they find, will fix the second half of your challenge.

Having said all that, you should really sit down and write a detailed business plan. More specifically, one that "should" actually answer the question you pose, as I can almost guarantee that your question will only be one of many other challenges to overcome.

Good luck.

Thanks Arnold, you explained the problem in Real detail. Much appreciated .. I will give it a second thought then ..

Arnold gave you tremendous inputs. Success to you.


If you decided to launch an online marketplace it's because, at some point, you found a need in your target market, and if you were doing it right, those potentials showed interest in it. The better approach is introducing to those same people you are connected with the platform and invite them to post a couple of their products. You have to create or come up with a plan for your group pilot. There should be a way to reward them or motivate them to become the first 'publishers'; limit this participation (12-25 people) and with those couple of products, you are, somehow, ready to market. Initial phase involved feedback, testimonials and suggestions- that is way it is nice working with pilot groups (they give us some sort of validation and possible paths). Entice first vendors/suppliers carefully. Serve them well. And they would be glad to give you suggestions and testimonial, which counts a lot for marketing material as well. As someone told in this thread, it is not a chicken-egg issue; you cannot invite invite anyone to buy if there is nothing in it. Focus on your providers. Fill in the marketplace first.
Good luck.

Anonymous User

I am currently working on a similar "marketplace" website although not an ecom one that yours seems to be. From a marketing point of view I have found that rather than marketing the high tech "Features" of my platform I get better results from explaining the "benefits" that buyers and sellers get (which in some cases overlap). Let's face it most people are more interested in what's in it for them, than how much we spend on creating something wonderful and advanced.
The SEO side was fairly easy as I just created pages targeted at both parties and optimized those pages.
I should warn you that if my experience is anything to go by then this can quickly become an expensive exercise and you may wish to consider crowd funding this. I say that as I have now been funding my own site for over 2 years


You need to establish and prove the need through real buyers and sellers. Even if it means you offer sellers free space until which point there is justifiable momentum that they start making money. Once you prove your value proposition to the ones you wish to charge, then you can charge based on their return of investment being worthwhile. Create the market then stage two is making money from that.


Hello Mustafa,

To crack this Chicken & Egg problem of yours, you need to start pitching your store to merchants to list their products for free & enable them to promote their products like Arnold has suggested.

As for how exactly you should be marketing your store, here a few tips:

- Promote it on social media through graphical updates & by joining relevant groups
- Invest in paid advertising (PPC)
- Do keyword focused content marketing around the particular product category you are targeting
- Invest in paid marketing a little
- And yes, don’t forget about the SEO, since in long terms it is what going to help your business thrive

Plus, like you have said that you are still planning to launch a multivendor store; in case you haven’t begin with the process, I would suggest you to build it using a readymade multivendor script. There are plenty of them. To name a few, Yo!Kart, CS-cart, & X-cart. Personally, I would recommend Yo!Kart, for its features & flexibility.
Here is the link if you want to check: http://www.yo-kart.com/

Good Luck!


You need to find out where your target market and ideal customer resides and hangs out online. Don't assume, do the research to find out. Then promote your service there.


What youre asking is not a chicken or egg problem its more of a 'if you build it they will come" situation. Create your platform well - then promote it to likely parties.


Hi Mustafa!

The easiest way for you is to make a compelling animated marketing video where you won't have to spend so much time doing the sales pitch over and over again. By using different social media, you'll be able to reach potential buyers and sellers accordingly. Hitting the 'share' button, you can get your website known as an online marketplace for interested people.


Dear all, if any of you can view our site (online marketplace - www.unixmo.co.nz) and give your feedback, much appreciated.


What is E-commerce marketing?

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How to Grow Your Online Sales?

1. Post Daily Content for Continued Growth

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2. Reduce Abandoned Carts

You’re losing money by missing out on potential orders. But don’t take it personally. Every online store is missing out on potential orders.

The phenomenon is a well-studied one: Customers add items to their carts but abandon their carts during checkout. According to the Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re completed. Think about that for a minute. Your sales are one-third of what they may potentially be.

3. Run a Twitter Q&A

Engagement is critical to keep any online community alive and well. A great tactic to grow your Twitter community and dramatically increase engagement is by hosting a weekly Twitter Q&A. The idea is to pick a day of the week, and then encourage your community to post questions related to your product, business, industry or really anything. You then provide answers to their questions and then choose the best questions and use them in a blog post.

Here are some tips from Twitter company’s blog on how to host a Twitter Q&A session.

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What about some offline marketing methods? I would like to recommend you to try some Lapel Pins as promo items, I think you will find it interesting and helpful. It should work for you too

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