How can I rank for a difficult keyword?

I would like to know how to rank on keywords that are considered difficult to rank by some SEO tools.

Is guest posting a good method to rank or is there another method other than link building and quality content to rank an article in Google or Bing?

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We have been designing and optimising websites since 2006, and in our experience, there are no shortcuts to SEO unless you use Black-hat methods which we advise against, as you will be found out by Google (it is not a matter of if but when), and you will be sent to oblivion.

The way SEO tools mark keywords as “Difficult” differs from one tool to another. Some purely look at the number of sites competing, some look at number of average enquiry per month vs number of sites, and some examine how well optimised the competitors are. So you need to first understand the algorithm of your SEO tool before you can assess their advice.

Secondly, there is a world of difference in the results you achieve based on your own website. If your website is well-established and you are seen as “Authority” by Google in a specific area, then it is much easier to push your way past other sites. If you are new and have no established reputation with Google, then you have a hard task ahead of you.

When optimising any website, you need to remember one thing and one thing only. The only thing that really matters is RELEVANCE. If you want to compete your site has to be relevant to the search term. Everything else is padding and tinkering. If I got $1 for every client that approached us for SEO for term XYZ and didn't have a single page on the XYZ subject, I would never have to work again :-)

You can only rank if your content is relevant to a search term. Next is the depth and breadth of your content on a given subject, which ultimately feeds and contributes to your Authority on the subject. It is a numbers game. If you want to be authority on New York, you better have plenty of pages on everything to do with New York. Once you are an authority for NY, then you can rank for any subject you want on NY from “Where to eat” or “Where to play ping-pong!” in New York, but you only get there by having depth and breadth of subjects in NY. You have to achieve credibility on the subject first, so the narrower your subject the easier it is to achieve Authority. So you need to focus on specific subject or subjects, then create breadth and depth, afterwhich you can spread your wings.

This of course is a lot of work, and the more popular the keyword you are chasing, the more quality content you have to generate. Quality content delivers links, and links give you Ranking Juice, and Ranking Juice plus Relevance give you page placement. Guest writers will help you generate more content but you still need to check how relevant their chosen subject is before you load their contributions to your website. We do not use Guest Bloggers but that is due to marketing policy decision rather than SEO decision.

SEO requires patience, investment (time, money or both), and above all a clear and concise strategy. Scattergun approach will not get you there.

Here are some links that might help (read them in this order):

I hope this helps.


ADARSH Madapurakkal, before going to start a high competitive keyword, just check your resources, that how many resources you have. Then prepare a proper data, and do not forget to analyze your competitors, must check out what they are doing to improve their ranking. Because you have to do more than your competitors. Then very first, just make a cool looking blog, that is good enough to give a dynamic and eye-catching UI. After that post some quality content, and now wait for auto indexing in Google. After indexing your site, post some more high-quality content. Because Google loves the quality. And then in off page, yeah guest posting is awesome. But also give a hard attention on web 2.0, article submission, and social sharing. Then after these, you have to start tier 2, for your guest post and web 2.0 links. Then keep this process continue.

Thank you Sir.


Here's Brian Dean's video guide on "how to rank for any keyword":

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Just follow these two steps.
1. Build quality & unique content, more then your competitors.
2. Get Quality backlinks from relevant and high authority sites.


Some great advice that was given to me was to look for long tail search terms relating to your sector, rather than just focusing on highly popular, competitive terms. It may be difficult to rank for "printer cartridges" but "black ink printer cartridges cambridge" is likely to be much less competitive and hence a lot easier to work your way up the search engines.


In the words of Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz), "Find the best piece of content on that subject, and create content that's 10x better."

Link building is definitely important and effective, and guest blogging can be a helpful piece to building backlinks. But you'll find the best results (over time) come from creating incredibly helpful and valuable content for your own site.

What are people in your industry searching for? How can you add value to them?

Most people don't have the resources to churn out awesome content every day, or even every week, so it's a bit of a long-term plan, but it's very effective.

Content is king and don't forget to add your content to high DA quality sites, to receive quality backlinks, stay away from the spammy sites, they will hold you back, look for sites with a DA 50 and better.


If you have targeted and select the difficult keyword to rank for the particular landing page of your site then optimize your targeted keyword on your landing page.

Select long tail keyword which includes your target keyword.

Create quality and information content for your visitor to get some information for their query.

Work on relevant link building with your keyword.

Don't put much keywords on your page.

Hope this will help you to target your keyword.


Make key words 2nd.. Concentrate on "Original Content". Articles you write should be exciting, Gossip, contraversial,.. Don't be boring.

*If you want your "Difficult Key Word" to stand out use the word in your article.

***IF you can write an article that includes well known people or Corporations and the story starts to get legs.. Pay a few hundred dollars to release it on PR Newswire.. It'll hit all major networks on the net.. *IF its a great article.. or interview with a well known famous person.

** IMPORTANT.. Your article DOESN"T have to be about anything you do directly.. Your goal is to grab their attention in the first 1-2 sentences, and have "roll-overs" directing them to your site.. MAKE SURE you have a call to action on every page. People read left to right.. Your "Call to Action" should be on the right side of each page.. Keep that simple,,Name email, phone#..

Best of Luck, Paul Greco Luxlend


First of all not all the keywords reported 'Difficult' by tools are actually that difficult to rank in reality. All you need to consider is the quality of content; it should be well researched and covers all the aspects that interests your audience, then comes the SEO optimization for that keyword that includes: LSI keywords, Meta Data, Rich Data (if applicable). The third important factor is connecting and gaining the attention of influencers in your niche so that your content gets viral and attract links.

You can also try if you are looking for affordable SEO packages.


Best thing is to look for variations, you will have a better chance of getting listed or your website showing up for these keys words

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