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Anonymous User

How do you recover your Bitcoin wallet from RAID servers?

Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency nowadays for large stakeholders to manage their businesses. How can anyone recover their Bitcoin data if they forgot their password?

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Anonymous User

As I know, its impossible to recover Bitcoin data if you forgot a password. It's like you lose your wallet with cash. By the way, keeping safe bitcoin is very important. You need to choose the best wallet for you. I prefer hardware wallets. You can check it out here https://cryptoncy.net/wallet/hardware. There are a lot of good hardware wallets, so it is not a problem to buy it at all.


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I also agree that there are a lot of e-wallets but bitcoin is not so popular today. I prefer to look through https://www.crosslytics.com/top10/ to decide which one is a good option for me today. Anyway, bitcoin is good but not to all.

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