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How to recruit for 100% Commission sales?

I need 50+ sales reps across the USA. Pay is 100% commission or min. wage (whichever is greater). Where should I look? How do I attract people for a commission based role?

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Anonymous User

I would consider as well LinkedIn...Reading your profile and in connection to your connect, I would like to suggest hunting on specific VIP network 'high profile 50+ sales reps'...


If you work for www.twintowerstrading.com and if you're looking to recruit people on a 100% commission basis to sell your products online, I would launch an affiliate marketing program. You can do this quickly and easily with any affiliate network that supports physical products like TTT sells. Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the largest you could try and they already have a huge database of people who sell purely on a commission basis.

Once you see success from this, TTT could launch its own affiliate program and thereby save the transaction fees the company would have to pay to CJ after each sale.


I use zip recruiter which lists on multiple job boards...its always tough to find good commission based reps because they need to be getting the commissions rolling in from other sources to be able to live for the few months while their first job pays out. I prefer to have w2 reps with a proven record of hires so that I get to keep the commisons and give them a bonus for hires. The numbers add up to where im paying out a ratio of one third..the third going to their salary and the two third going to my bottom line. The straight commisson reps dont work as hard and get easily distracted and disappear wasting my training time. Whats your thoughts? Looking to find commission reps? Pay me a salary and let me recruit for you lol..


Is monster.com still around? I think Craigslist is still in business too. You should advertise on those.

Anonymous User

The key is to show as many additional benefits as possible. Think laterally to make the role stand out from other similar ones at the same level. Be as creative as you can in advertising and attraction of candidates for a role like this and try to use an assessment centre model to recruit large numbers in one hit.


Looking a bit deeper into it, I will assume that the product or service that is being sold is more commodity/transactional oriented sale (vs. a solution sell). And secondly, establishing a longer term deeper relationship with the end customer is not critical.
In my experience, in a 100% commission plan the above is almost always exists.

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