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How do I sell a new startup?

I have a new startup I want to sell. It is web based subscription type business. Everything is developed and beta tested ready to go.

How do I valuate the company with no previous sales?

What is the best way to market the sale of the business?

What type documents should be offered to Investors in addition to a business plan? How detailed should the business plan be?

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Before you sell, you have to prove the concept and prove that it is a viable business. As it stands now, with no customers, no revenue, no nothing, you have very little of value.

Concentrate on getting established. Find customers/clients, generate revenue and cash flow. Work towards making a profit.


As my fellow experts have already indicated, it's not much value until you prove your idea. If you can acquire customers and generate sale. You will have a way to prove that your idea works. Else it'll also send a signal that your have no confidence in what you started.


I would suggest you make an appointment with a SCORE Counselor in your area and he or she will help you with getting your program started....

AS a Score Counselor my 1st question to you would be, what makes your startup different? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

What is your mission statement? vision statement?

Score are Business advisors made up of Senior Executives who are underwritten by the SBA, and we offer free counseling to people like you.... We can work with you all the way through, monitor and help you with all your business questions and issues, from start, to Business Plan, to 1st sale.....

I suggest also, you have someone or organization to try out your idea and get feedback, it would a prototype so you can see what happens,,,, I would not initially charge unless you really help....Start trying to build TRUST


At best, the value of such a company is equal to the development cost plus a small time-value-of-money bump. That is, you find a buyer who loves the idea and wants to buy what you've built rather than building it anew. That's the best case (aside from poorly qualified buyers), but it's going to take your finding that person who loves the idea as much as you do.

And if you're going to go to that much effort, why not use the effort instead on finding buyers of your product or service? As many have said here, market proof creates a huge amount of value.


I think my colleagues have answered well, but there is a key element here about Valuation. You are not looking to sell a Start-Up, or are looking to get Funding for a Business, I think? That is a different type of Sale. I think what you are doing is to get Funding for a Start-up? You don't really have anything to sell right, except a Plan- so that means Start-Up



why you want to sell your business idea at this stage. If you feel that your start-up idea is worth commercially viable you must proceed with. At primitive stage you will not get good valuation. First launch your project and good commercial result will attract better valuation, something ever start-up expects.

One of our clients got his product developed from us, initially he started looking for investors instead of concentrating on marketing. Gradually his product started giving results, now he stopped looking for investor and concentrating on marketing on his own, with really good result.

If you need any help in development we are happy to serve.




The only potential you have is if you have taken your idea(s) and/or technology and received (or applied for) patents, trademarks or copyrights. Without that an idea is worth whatever someone will pay but there is no objective valuation that is standard without assets and protection of intellectual property.


This may be of some help - There is a marketplace for web based assets here-> https://centurica.com/ It will provide you with how others are structuring their deals, and how they do it.

Anonymous User

To be brutally honest, without some good results the chances of selling an idea are virtually nil. Test it, prove the concept, get some concrete evidence and it will be fat better


You no need to search buyers for selling your startup if it is valuable one and provide services that is high in demand. Focus on the quality of your startup to attract buyers.
Beside this you may also add this in online portals like "Startups for Sale" "Websites for Sale" and "Business for sale".

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