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What is the best customer acquisition strategy for selling SaaS to companies?


I am developing my startup which is selling online HR tool for recruiters. I am trying to reach HR specialists from different companies via LinkedIn (invitation and sending inMail). However, there is no success in this type of communication. Usually in my inMail I am describing the benefits of a tool and I offer a free trial, but no one replies.

At the same time 2 big companies found our website and contacted us, wishing to test our product. These companies were not prospected by me at all, they found us via Google and 1 already bought a solution, another one tested it and we are signing contract.

For me this is a signal that we should concentrate on SEO and content more, in order to be visible. We run a LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and blog on Medium.

I want to reach more companies. The problem is that when I try to reach my prospects - the % of reply on LinkedIn is 0. I only have so many emails and phone numbers from conferences I've attended.

Are there any tips or advice on how can I reach more prospects and sell our HR online tool to companies? Should I reach out to HR specialists, HR directors, or is it a waste of time and I should concentrate on reaching out to Quality Managers?

I know I need some patience :) However, I think I need another view or advice regarding that. We do not have any sales department.

Would appreciate your help!

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The following represents a simple sales methodology that can be used as a basis to create one that works specifically for your SaaS startup.

1. Research Some Basic Sales Methodologies
2. Create a Marketing Persona
3. Meet Some Friendlies
4. Iterate the Application
5. Put a Basic Sales Process in Place
6. Create Content to Generate Leads
7. Qualify the Prospect
8. Managing the Meeting
9. Manage the Close

You can read more here: https://medium.com/strategic-content-marketing/a-simple-sales-methodology-for-b2b-saas-startups-bbc119247e1d

Anonymous User

Following steps may be helpful:
1. Get targeted followers on social media profiles i.e. potential customers first.
2. Get a dedicated website if you don't already have it.
3. Show user testimonials and reviews for your product.
4. Many Professionals on linkedin have their blogs, request them to write a review about your product.
5. Add a blog portion in your website, as it helps in bringing the targeted traffic.
6. Offer a stripped down version of your product as free for lifetime and not trial.

I hope it helps.

Sonu Sharma



Hi Juliette,

I hope your problem is resolved already as the query is 3 months old. If not, I hope my answer helps.

Invest in organic SEO and inbound content marketing strategies. Make the company blog a content-rich search engine optimised evergreen content resource targeting your buyer base. For outbound, you can use prospecting tools like Prospect.io and Hunter.io to find the email addresses of HR or Business Managers of prospects and reach out to them. Like you, LinkedIn didn't give my business sufficient ROI. We had to switch to cold email prospecting and that's working perfectly.


For me the investment in SEO is the best way. I have

I hired a seo expert to dedicate 100% to my site and in less than 3 months we started to have great results. Much more than social media investments. Find a SEO expert who can help you.

I think this is the best choice. Millions of people search online everyday to find information.

Gabriel Lorenzi
Owner of a network of travel blogs
Onde ficar em sua viagem
O que fazer em sua viagem


Try This
1. Get targeted followers on social media profiles i.e. potential customers first.
2. Get a dedicated website if you don't already have it.
3. Show user testimonials and reviews for your product.


Following steps may be helpful:

Verify Your Product/Market Fit
Develop Customer Personas
Identify The Most-Targeted Traffic Sources
Create Different Customer Acquisition Funnels
Invest in Building an Audience



Hi Juliette,

Having someone to handle your marketing efforts also means lightening the workload. You can focus on more crucial matters knowing that your marketing is in good hands. But, these days, companies that offer SaaS solutions tend to say that they have trouble looking for the right marketing agency to rely on.

For that, here is a list of the most effective marketing firms that will give your business a boost in generating qualified leads and gaining higher sales numbers for your SaaS.



Consider the free trial version of data.com/com to see the names associated with titles at various companies. You can filter by vertical as well as title. I find 65-70% accurate. Phone # are included with the free version but to get email you must purchase one of their packages - the most inexpensive one is 350 names for $250. Hope that helps.


1. Create a specific website for your product
2. Linkedin is the best platform your your kind of product be more active on linkedin.
3. Get your website's SEO boost up for your product.
4. Target users on social media.
5. Email marketing is also an good option



Investing in SEO is a great idea, but you shouldn't ignore other channels to miss a single opportunity. In the beginning, apart from SEO, you should start doing Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media. Without positioning a strong brand awareness, building your customers trust is next to impossible. Start outreaching them directly via Email, calls, and messages. Make your message relevant and hyper-personalized. Nobody wants a generic message.

If you need any help to fill your sales pipeline and boost your ROI, contact me or visit our website: MarketJoy, Inc.

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