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Is there a low cost program I can use to sell tickets online?

I want to sell tickets for a yoga retreat. I want to know in advance how many tickets there will be sold prior to organizing the retreats. Is there a program I can use to sell tickets with low costs or is it better to handle each transaction with a quotation to be able to control the amount of clients per retreat?

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I second the recommendation for EventBrite. I use it for all my ticket sales. The really interesting thing about EventBrite is that people trust it. My tickets sales are actually higher when I use EventBrite then when I use a solution on my own website. They also have all the tools you need to see how many tickets have sold, limit the number of tickets that are available, and they dump the money into your bank account very quickly.


Eventbrite is pretty fair and allows you to present different levels of tickets to help sell (i.e. Early Bird Discount). You can also share it directly on social media.

Good luck!

Anonymous User

another alternative: All Events in City


EventBrite is good, but there is also Try Booking which is cheaper and just as effective and easy to use. It really does come down to budget and what elements you need the booking system to have.


Yes.. If you are using Google Adwords - Try to setup a "Gmail Sponsored Promotions" campaign - you can create attractive display ads in this .. and this is very affordable at present time. you can get more clicks and converted clicks than Adwords Search or Display Ads - Try this & Setup it with proper Google Team Support...More you can read : http://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/adwords/how-to-setup-gmail-sponsored-promotions/

Thank you so much guys! I'm just starting my own businesses and your help is amazing!!!!!!


if its regular based.. go for develop website portal and outsource from india as its cheaper. one time cost 200 dollars i think.


http://www.brownpapertickets.com/ is a great site for just this sort of thing!

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