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How do I set up a 'shell' in Singapore, with an Indian company as its subsidiary?

I am registering a Pvt. Ltd. company in India, as we plan is to have international clients very soon. I want to set up a parent company in Singapore through a 'Shell' with a CA for now (I'm an Indian citizen, living in India). Within 1-2 years may want to convert the S'pore office into our HQ. As I need to minimize initial expenses, I want to know:

1. Would Singapore be the right country, or would you suggest any other country looking at all the benefits e.g., tax, potential clients etc

2. Can you recommend a company/agent that can help me in short & long term both. Not looking for a stop gap arrangement.

3. What will be the cost (short & long term), benefits and process of setting up in the country that you recommend.

4. Should I have the company registered in India and then set-up the parent company or vice-verse.

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Rohit, we had been doing such services in Singapore for many years, you may look at our fact sheet to know us better. http://www.slideshare.net/joochay/3-ctt-factsheet-120914. The questions that you ask cannot be answered directly. Getting "shell" to hold Indian company is quite common, but there are considerations before doing this especially if you just startup a company. PM or email me if you want to discuss further.

JC, thanks for your response, I have sent you a private message...

JC Quek, could you send reply me with your email id to discuss?

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