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How can I use social to advertise and do more business?

I am doing homemade chili sauce. I'm just getting started with the business and I would like to use social networks to open the market.

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Hi Darling,

I once created a Facebook ad and forgot to set an end date. I received a whopping $402 bill. Yep.

Social sites can really work for you, but the key is that you must regularly and consistently find a way to not only engage with loyal followers (plus potential new ones) every day (preferably multiple times a day, at least) but it has to be something of value to them.

If you're starting a homemade chili sauce website, a blog might be a super idea for you. You can share daily tips, recipe ideas, fun facts, giveaways, etc., all related back to your product. You can also offer special gifts, giveaways, contents, exclusively to your blog subscribers, which you can actually collect through social media sites (signup forms, etc.).

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Congrats on your homemade chili sauce. I would talk more about your story of why you started your business, what went into your special sauce and tell this to everyone who will listen. Social media is a great way, as you know this must be on your website when you speak to people. Another strategy I would use is the Dream 100 campaign to focus on the places you want to do business with. I hope this helped...


Nowadays, mostly the peoples are connected with social media sites, whether they are business man, employees, House wifes, or students. That's why social media is the first preference for any business. Just make an account on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and check the options to advertise their but if you not have a good knowledge and skills about how to advertise their, then hire an social media expert to fulfill your advertising needs their..


Social media is the best platform to talk about your brand. More than 82% of small business owners are using social media marketing to promote their business.

For your homemade chili sauce business, first, you have to introduce your business.

• Add all information to about us section.
• Add the location of the business.
• Your cover photo and profile picture must represent your business.
• Then start posting attractive pictures and videos with quality content.
• Pin special posts to your business page on Facebook.
• Join groups related to your business and start posting in those groups. You can also make your own public group and add members to that group. Post on regular basis.
• Reply instantly to the messages and comments on your posts.

To make your business instantly popular and generate leads quickly, you must hire a digital marketing agency which can make your business easily more recognizable. A digital marketing company will advertise your business by boosting your posts.


Is your product made for local market?

Anonymous User

You can also offer special gifts, giveaways, contents, exclusively to your blog subscribers which you can actually collect through social media sites.

Anonymous User


I would you do some content via profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Also consider doing some blogging too, as a means to some storytelling about your homemade chili sauce.

Hope my advice helps.


Congrats on your business. There are lots of social media users today. So better post your product on Facebook for free or by using the Facebook Ads. Create your own product branding and design your logo to attract consumers. You can try doing the promotional printing ads too, try it here: electroimagellc.com.

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