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Any recommendations on good templates for writing a business plan?


I recently launched an online store that sells accessories and gadgets, and I'm looking to write a business plan for my online store. Is there a ready template that I can use to write my business plan?

Or if I decide to write my business plan from scratch, any advice on where to start?

Thank you in advance,
Serge Dagher

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There are a lot of samples here, including business templates for an online store.


The Small Business Administration and SCORE have available tools that are no cost.


Suggest you take a look at LivePlan online offering (no affiliation)
Good Luck!

I agree that liveplan is worth the money and is the best way to go. If you arent ready to spend a little cash to figure out your business plan you aren't ready to start a business.


Don't know of one templates that is better than others. However, I suggest two organizations that greatly assisted me with creating my business plan. One is the SBA or Small Business Administration and the other is SCORE.


It's easy to find a template, but it has to be adapted to suit your needs. If your purpose is to raise funds from VCs or PEs, I can almost assure you that you will need to adapt the template. Information that your BP will need includes why your business differentiates from others, what strategies you will put in place to ensure smooth and relatively fast growth in the next 3-5 years if not longer, and why you've already got a stable and highly competent team. Also need to avoid using cliches such as "I'm the next Amazon or Alibaba".


I sell what would work, but I'm not allowed to sell on this site. Thus, I will mention Anatomy of a Business Plan by Linda Pinson, who from the dozens of books and plans I viewed, most aligns with my thoughts.

Primarily - keep it as simple and clean as possible. Try not to repeat the same info, though most plans lead you to do so. Keep the Narrative between 7 and 19 pages no matter how much money you need. Do near a near perfect Funds Needed list-all expenses before you open, and as accurate as possible Sales Forecast and Cash Flows by the month for 2 or 3 years. Remember, a Cash Flow is a projection of your business checkbook - when will money go in and out. All Sales Forecasts and Cash Flows should have a total column on the right side. If not, don't use them.
Good luck

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