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Is it possible to increase our website traffic in just a few months?

How can we improve our website traffic in a few months? If we focus on sharing new posts regularly and growing our site's SEO, is this possible?

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Definitely! Here are a few methods that can instantly increase traffic to your site, while also improving your SEO in the process.

- Create an expert roundup post of other top bloggers and experts in your niche
- Go live with an original infographic on your site and submit it to infographic directories
- Answer questions on Quora and become an expert within your niche
- Guest blog and contribute content to other blogs in your industry
- Write a mega resource article and reference other sites, then email them to share it
- Focus less on content creation and more on content promotion (this matters most)
- When going live with content on your site, create articles with at least 1,200 words of content
- Use social media to share your own content and also the sharing of other blogs in your niche

These are just a few of the best working methods out there. You don't need to wait months to see results, you just need to have a steady plan of action and implementing each of these methods daily.


You need to publish informative content on your niche which can help people. And you need to use social sharing and keep visitors to share your blog on their profile then your traffic increase day by day. After 1/2 months you need to get backlinks from some authority sites. I think you get an improved result of your sites.



1. Make sure your website has good Page Titles and Site Description (unique for each page)
2. Use ALT Tags (text for an image) for all websites images.
3. Set up Social Media accounts and update regularly. Have a links to your website on every account.
4. Blog - use blogger.com and medium

This will give your website a jumpstart and get you on the right track.


ou have a new website and then you hope that many visitors will come.

But it does not work like that.

You have to do something for it ??

Website easier to find in Google
There are several ways to attract more visitors to your website.

You do not have to pay for it, there are also ways to grow your website 'organically', without using advertisements.

I draw from my own experience, because I also applied it to my own website.

I give you 11 tips on how you can double your visitors.

Here we go!

TIP 1: publish on your website

It is a very simple tip, but an important one. Make sure you regularly put something new on your website.

That can be a blog, a new page or even a knowledge database .

Because the more you publish on your website, the greater the chance that Google will find you.

A website with 100 pages is often easier to find than one with 10 pages.

Of course it is important that you deliver good content.

TIP 2: choose the right keywords
Very important! You should not simply write an article. You first look at what people are looking for.

Topics that are needed, Google will put higher in the search results.

I'll give you two ways to find out.

First of all there is Google Trends . It is an online tool that allows you to see which keywords are searched for and how often.

TIP 3: optimize your pages

An important part of being better found in Google is that you optimize your articles.

For example, an article with 1000+ words is often more likely to rank high in Google than a short message.

The maxim is: the more added value you give the reader, the more Google values ??and rewards with a higher search result.

TIP 4: use online FREE tools
To be found, it helps that you have a good, effective and fast loading website.

You have to work on the design, clear navigation and, for example, speed of the website.

On the internet there are an incredible number of FREE tools that help you.

I give you and few tools to improve your website:

Canva (my favorite tool, you can use this to improve the design and layout of your site);
TinyPNG (compressing photos so that your website loads faster);
Pagespeed (speed of your website can be measured with this);
Site checkup (this tool gives a total test of how your website stands for).
And so there are many more tools that you can use (partly) for free.

The better your website, the more visitors will come, and it will not go unnoticed by Google of course. You will therefore be easier to find.

TIP 5: Backlinks

Google has set criteria (that's hundreds!), Making a website higher in search results.

Two important ones are:

Creating backlinks. These are links that link from another website to your website. This is still an important indicator for Google to put your website high in the search results. The more backlinks, the better. But: try to get backlinks from websites that also score high in Google. Which are good, and deliver added value. My advice is to ask other website owners if they want to place a link to your website. It is important that it is a good website that has proven its value. The better the website, the more powerful your backlink becomes.
Link internally. Create a kind of spider web from your website. By making links from one article to another, from the front page to the contact page, etc.

TIP 6: Be sure to use social media
Social media is important to be found better. Every time you write an article, you can share that via Facebook or LinkedIn.

The chance that people who come to your social media pages, so back to your website, will of course be bigger.

If you do not feel like spending time on social media every day, you can also automate this .

For example with the Buffer tool . Here you can first create a number of messages for social media and then you can publish this on various dates with the schedule function

Facebook has this feature itself, but with Buffer you can also add other social media, such as Twitter and Pinterest, that do not have this automatic function.

TIP 7: vary with content (and use genres)
9 out of 10 articles consists of a text with images.

It is a bit boring ...

Try to write attractive and especially varied content.

For example, make an interview with one of your customers. With as genre: question-answer.

If you are not such a writer yourself, you can also send the questions and the customer will answer them. Then you can edit the text again and you have another wonderful article.

Other genres are:

list (the best 10 tips for ...)
atmosphere report
You can now make infographics yourself. With Piktochart you can choose from free templates to compose your own infographic.

TIP 8: Give something away on your website
If you give something to your visitors, they will appreciate it very much. You have a chance that they will return more often.

What can you give away?

free consultation;

TIP 9: perfect your Google business card
If you register your own company at Google Company, Google will list all kinds of information about your company in the right-hand column next to the search results.

Contact details, your opening hours, reviews about your company.

It increases your visibility on the internet and is a good way to attract attention.

TIP 10: Measure & monitor
Google has two wonderful and very comprehensive tools for displaying your website statistics and monitoring your website.

Do you want comprehensive statistics about your website? Read more about Google Analytics

Do you want to monitor your website? Read more about Google Search Console

With both tools you can gather a lot of data to improve your website and make it more efficient.

TIP 11: the GOLDEN tip!
You must continue to work on all of the above tips every day ??

Spend an hour every week, preferably more on your website. So that your website is getting better.

The better the website, the better findable is Google.

You do not necessarily have to advertise with Adwords from Google. There are plenty of opportunities to make your website easier to find in Google.

Advertising is expensive, the above tips are completely free.

If you want to get higher in the search results, you have to work for it.

It takes quite some time and discipline to be busy with your website every day.

But if you have an idle hour somewhere, you can fill that up by working on your website.

It is useful to make a list with points for improvement for your website.

And at a certain point you even start to like it. Because if you see that visitor numbers are rising steadily, that gives a lot of satisfaction.


Alan From Exporthub.Hk


Do want relevant, targeted traffic that can easily be converted?

But, for this, we all need to have good quality content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media shares.

However, there are other ways to get traffic.

1. Find and Pull Method

This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to bring traffic to your website. For this, you have to bring the already existing traffic too your blog, by searching popular blogs in your niche.

2. Viral Content Buzz Community

It is a platform where you share other people’s content and receive points. You then, use those earned points and get your content shared by other people.

3. Derek Halpern’s Drafting Technique

You use this technique when you see your competitors somehow manage to display their article on popular sites and get traffic.

But, you can use this to your advantage to get coverage for your business and website as well, by contacting the main stream media site or the blog and then pitch them a similar idea for a guest post.

4. Link To Bloggers In Your Post

You are advised to link out to others in your post and they will take notice of it. Some of them may tweet your post and even link back to you.

5. Use the Intro Method To Get Massive Forum Traffic

For this, you need to go to a forum that you have participated in and begin a new thread mentioning your newest post.

6. Do Interviews

Interviewing someone is also a bit like linking to someone except now they are much more likely to share and link to the interview.

You interview popular personalities in the relevant field. It is just like linking to someone expect now, they are much likely to share and link to the interview.

7. Use Your Email Signature

Placing a link after your name in your signature will make your site only a click away.

Yes it is possible to increase the traffic of a website in a month. Just try to make the quality back links, do follow back links, try to avoid making the back links on spam pages and make no foll link as low as possible.

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Anonymous User

I would say absolutely, in just a month of consistency you can make real waves, you may not get a website on page 10 to number 1 in two months but you can put a real dent in it, work hard but above all look at marketing and sharing and SEO is a long term project that we have to keep going with and sometimes we have bad days where we feel its not really working but we have to remember that its not a one off, we have to keep going for the long haul, good luck.

Anonymous User

Yes it is possible of course! It will depend on how intersting your niche is but things can grow, and grow fast depending on the niche.

We would suggest getting some real authority websites to link to you and yes I know this sounds impossible but it can be done. Ask the question to them, if you have real, relevant, up to date content that would benefit their readers/clients etc, then they will gladly link to you.

I hope this helps and if we can be of any further further assistance, please get in touch or re-post.



Yes, of course! What you need to do is get quality and engaging content on your website and focus on SEO. Social media also help.


yes, It is possible to increase your blog traffic in a few months but you should update content regularly and more informative content. For more read How to increase traffic to your blog

Anonymous User

Yes but you need wow effect. We start with our new project Vypocet cistej mzdy and woow effect we have on facebook. Many peoples search this tool and this is solution. We have only social marketing and site grow up..

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