How would you monetize?

I've had very little luck monetizing my website - I recently added an option to buy text ads on the front page via a PayPal but I'm disgusted with Adsense and all the other affiliate software. What would you use to make my website start making big money? The site is I already have like 20 ebooks that hardly anyone buys, so don't say digital content because it doesn't really seem to work.

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Dear Brian

Nancy has very good points which I would like to add some more, so ditto to all her points plus some more below.

What search terms do you expect people to use in order to find your website?

This is not just about SEO, but it is about your target market. Traditional marketing executes on segmentation and target markets level. Whilst these still hold true, in the digital world of Internet you need to consider what keywords/search terms you are chasing. This is really the only way you will get traffic to your website unless you engage in highly expensive activities such as printed advertising, mailshots, TV Ads, etc.

Given that your website has no Meta Tags, it is hard to see what you are targetting and how you expect people to find you.

What is it all about?
Having landed on your website, I was left asking “What is this all about?”. In another word, what is this website trying to sell me? I am still not any wiser after spending a good 10 minutes looking around the site, except I already knew you wanted to sell me books because you told me in your question on Mosaichub.

Navigation keys are one of the most effective signposts in a website that tells visitors “loud and clear” what your product or service is about. With Taoism, Zen, Linux, Windows, Social Media, etc., I was left wondering what I was looking at.

When designing website, we strongly recommend to all our customers that they should:

1. Keep it Simple – Don't try to be too clever and lose your message (and your visitors) by playing on words. This might be clever amongst friends and over a beer at the bar, but not when you are trying to send specific and clear message to your potential buyers.

2. Don't use internal semantics – These tend to lose their significance and hence impact. They become words on a screen without the emotional attachments that you or your company may feel. Your visitors do not have such familiarity or emotional connection to these semantics, or worst still, they may have a completely different emotional response (Marmite – Yum or Yuk? Please discuss!).

3. Create Simple Structure – Your content, navigation, and descriptions (or semantics) should be simple to understand and follow. Websites are not the place to play "the Man of International Mystery”. Clear descriptions, clear navigation, clear message, clear call to action is needed to make websites effective.

4. Shops – The cardinal mistake in e-commerce is to send your visitors somewhere else! Your “Shop” goes to Amazon. Nothing wrong in using Amazon for your sales, but you should integrate it in your website. Transaction should start and finish on your website to make it all seamless and interconnected. This is like having a restaurant, serving food and then telling people to go next door to pay because you don't have a till or credit card machine! It just looks and feels all wrong.

5. Blog vs Website – There is a mix of articles, blogs, and news. There is no clear message as what you do, what is your value proposition, and how it will help me. For example, the news about Windows and Linux is of great consequence for developers. Those interested in the subject have already heard of this, and those who are not developers do not care. This kind of subject is for Blogs or Articles on your website and not for your homepage. You are adding to the confusion as to what you do. You clearly understand your subject, but you appear to have difficulty in separating your knowledge, from your interest, and your service/product that you want to sell.

In summary:

1. Sort out and separate subjects so you do not drown the revenue generation content in noise.

2. Separate Blogs/News from your revenue generating content (I assume your books are what you want to sell, so they should be most prominent)

3. Integrate your Shop into your website

4. Clarify your message and value proposition, and present them in a concise and clear manner.

5. Finally, your site needs some general housekeeping. There is a lot in the sidebar that does not make sense, and adds to the confusion including Sponsored Links. The footer still displays the theme supplier's link & text, as well as link to WordPress website. Your Bio is only partly visible and finishes mid-sentence unless you fully scroll down to the bottom of the page! At least it does so in my Firefox browser, appearing to stick during the scroll-down until I hit the foot of the page. It should only take a few minutes to fix these but it is worth doing so. Sticklers like me would wonder about the level attention to details and may come to the wrong conclusions about the website owner or the level of care shown by the web designer.

I hope this helps.

It helps a great deal - thank you for taking the time to lay it out like this.


I am with Geoge. Totally overwhelming. You need a make-over and get some white space on that home page. It's so busy the eyes cannot settle on anything.

You should consider using a landing page that highlights your "Call to Action" messaging no sales of your library of information.

Thank you David - I did just add one for the books - that's the real problem - I'm trying to do too many things and as a result nothing sticks.


Basic website questions:
1) Who are your serving? This site does not look like it is serving a particular market niche, or client. So without that focus you are serving no one.
2) What problem are you solving? If you are not solving a problem that people will pay for - then you are not serving them.
3) Where do you clients hang out? You have to know how to attract the right traffic to your site, and getting in front of the right people is the first step.
Questions 4- 20 won't apply until you address these 3.

Monetizing anything is based on these basics. Your website is no different. You can produce any amount of content, but if you do not focus that content on somethings that someone is willing to pay for, then you can't monetize it.

I agree - I'll try laying it out to bit a bit less "Look at all of this" and address that first I think. Thank you - The problems we are solving - that is a developer related avenue that we haven't had much luck promoting


Make the website friendlier. As many mentioned, structure the website in a better way. Make easier for people to understand what it is, what are they gonna find there, where do they need to go based on their interests, where are they able to read news and more, and where are the clear services and product pages to buy or pay.
Too much text is so pathetic. There is nothing that can engage people in some sort of story.
Developer blog and personal blog are confusing areas that you can even rename for better purpose. One great thing about working with website and blog categories is that you will be able to study and ponder which one offers the most advantage for monetization; if you structure areas and categories well, and you get to manage them and create reports later on, that can boost your marketing presentation for future ads inventory costs.
Have the home page simple, nice and whit understandable next steps for users to follow.
Just some thoughts. Success to you.

Since the initial comments I have restructured the site in fairly drastic ways - I appreciate the additional insights though - thank you for taking the time.


My first question is "What is it?" Going to the site, there is no way that I can understand that you are trying to sell something. It looks like another news page, with news that is of no interest to me. SO, tell folks that you are selling something - tell them what and how to buy.

I've changed the tagline in accordance with that thought - thank you - also the theme but the underlying issue is what actually sells these days because I've tried so many things and none of them worked. I appreciate the thought - tell them what to buy - that's the best advice yet


Wow, you really have a lot going on there. Are you trying to sell it because it's not making money for you? Could you try a broader advertising structure - advertise your page, and not accept ads?

We hadn't considered selling it - hopefully we can get it making money one way or another - definitely ad revenue would be one way we're trying

Monetize is defined as selling something. Simplifying might do it for you. Like everyone else, I couldn't decide where to look first.


Beatiful comments. I like them all. Listen Brian, go to this link and watch the video , I said it all there.
Everything You've Ever Learned About Generating Leads
And Growing Your Business Is Wrong!
Here is the link:


This, as many have already observed, is a confusing amalgam of unrelated topics and ideas. Their cumulative content simply does not share any commonality other than a lack of any discernible core purpose.

You have evidently identified yourself as a ‘zealot’, therefore as a fanatical and uncompromising individual in pursuit of financial gain, separate the (at least 5) distinct elements, put each on its own discreet website and employ a good web designer to get each of your new sites looking inviting. There could be one or two that have the potential for a financial return. The majority will I fear remain you hobbies.

Finally, you like 95% + of eBook authors will never encourage anyone to buy unless they a genuinely outstanding and extensively advertised.
You certainly cannot suggest that “digital content doesn't really seem to work”. There is content, and then there is Content. Content is everything, and in reality all that matters, quantity (even topic) is secondary to true quality and relevance. Simply stuffing a site with words is not considered content by either search engines or human beings. It is simply fill that actually degrades the worth of its containing site. Your site is unfortunately an example of this issue in action, whist this remains the case there is no hope at all of monetizing it.

I'll let your criticism stand in the face of 20 books as top downloads - because the issue was making the website itself profit. Your arrogant trolling is laughable and I'm in a room full of people who think you are an absurd and laughable joke.

An inability to understand or accept criticism Brian, is very often behind an individual's incapacity to recognise the obvious. Your rather unnecessary reaction has, as you have alluded to, also been made a room full of people who basically share the one opinion. That opinion has formed the basis of at least half a dozen genuine reactions to your website (and the question you posed). When you put a critical failing out into a forum and request solutions, don't anticipate that opinions or comments will always be candy coated or even positive!

You asked what ‘we’ (the respondents) would do to “make big money” with the subject website. You evidentially have yet to appreciate the consistent theme central to all answers posted so far.

Nancy asked: “Who are you serving” and observed that “your site is “not serving anyone.” Her insightful conclusion, (in direct contradiction to your question’s proviso not to say digital content, because yours’ doesn't really seem to work), “if you do not focus content on something that someone is willing to pay for, then you can't monetize it”.

In keeping with Nancy (& others), George also answered with a question “What is it?” Ali’s observations ad to Nancy’s point, “Don't try to be too clever and lose your message;” & “Websites are not the place to play ‘the Man of International Mystery’. Clear descriptions, navigation, message, plus a call to action is needed.” Ali even identifies your cardinal mistake in e-commerce, and concurs that your site will never many money whilst there is no clear message about what you do, what your value proposition is, or how it might help site visitors to react. An almost united mosaicHUB response to your monetizing proposition.

Ali’s summery reiterates my point, stating “Sort out and separate subjects,” and “Separate Blogs/News from your revenue generating content” I still strongly hold that they should not even be on the same website, as he points out they “drown the revenue generation content in noise”.

You have (as I previously made clear), at least five (content type) websites sharing the same (ambiguously titled) URL, this as all others have repeatedly alluded to, establishes a totally overwhelming digital environment, without any apparent purpose, no cohesive topic nor any identifiable audience. Your latest site revisions have only served to better identify topic categories for new discrete websites, two of which could potentially then be monetized once devoid of confusing clutter and enables commercially with some relevant content and improved navigation (also outlined by others).

I noticed that within your two lengthy testimonials both F. Nater and J.J. define themselves as quite recent “Friends.” This relationship categorisation unfortunately undermines much of the good words they have to say about the services you have provided. Whilst this is a very minor point, it serves to reflect the litany of fundamental marketing errors that permeate every aspect of your current site. Elements that I and the other learned mosaicHUB contributors here have be trying to make clear, especially for your benefit!

I never sugar-coat my opinion, and call it how it is, an unambiguous commercial approach that my clients have thanked me (and paid for), for over 40 years. Whilst your gratuitously myopic attitude has seen fit to filter from your enquiry’s responses what you have selected to hear and accept, plus defined what others to either snub or take offence to, the overall mass of opinion here has assumed one voice.

I respectively suggest that you adopt some of the spiritually enlightened philosophy you aspire to create as content Brian, and not humiliate yourself further with unprofessional and unnecessary outbursts, far better suited to lower forms of social media cyber bullying.

Meantime if you are ever to monetize anything read over the responses here (including my initial suggestions), to determine what the weight of professional opinion expressed is encouraging you to do!

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